13 Facts About Hennessy


Brand is owned by Moet Hennessy, which is in turn owned by LVMH and Diageo, who act as a non-controlling shareholder.

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Hennessy retired to the Cognac region, and began distilling and exporting brandies, first to the United Kingdom and his native Ireland, closely followed by the United States.

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Hennessy was responsible for choosing Jean Fillioux as the house's Master Blender.

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Maurice Hennessy created the XO designation in 1870, for cognacs which had undergone prolonged cask maturation.

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Killian Hennessy had intended to be a banker, but instead went on to position Hennessy as an international brand, travelling to Ireland, the United States and Asia to promote the brand.

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Hennessy first visited China in 1946, and the nation has since become the world's second-largest cognac market.

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In 1971 Killian Hennessy spearheaded the company's merger with Moet et Chandon, to create Moet Hennessy.

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Moet Hennessy then announced a merger with Louis Vuitton in 1987, creating the world's largest luxury brand conglomerate, Louis Vuitton • Moet-Hennessy or LVMH.

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Kilian Hennessy remained on the company's advisory board until his death in 2010 at the age of 103.

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Hennessy had originally trained as a farmer before entering the family business.

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From 2018 onward, Hennessy experienced production shortages caused in part by increased demand, bottle shortages, and frosts.

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Limited editions of Hennessy can contain more than one hundred different eaux-de-vie, some of which can be centuries old; they are traditionally accompanied with luxurious trimmings such as custom-made boxes and hand-blown carafes.

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Since 2009, Hennessy has released a number of collectible editions to mark anniversaries, special occasions, or collaborations with artists, designers and organisations, such as the NBA.

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