13 Facts About Honda Pilot


Honda Pilot is a mid-size crossover SUV with three-row seating manufactured by Honda since 2002.

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The Honda Pilot Passport that was sold between 1993 and 2002 was a truck-based design.

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The Pilot is Honda's largest SUV, although the 2010 Crosstour surpassed the Pilot in length.

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Pilot is sold in North America and the Middle East, while the Honda MDX was marketed in Japan and Australia for several years.

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The second-generation Honda Pilot is sold in Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Latin America, and the Philippines.

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Honda Pilot received more updates starting with the 2006 model year, engines were either the J35Z1 or the J35A9 .

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The Honda Pilot has front struts with a coil-spring, multilink rear suspension for a flat rear load floor.

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Design of the Pilot was by Honda's Ricky Hsu through 1999, when styling was approved.

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Larger second generation Honda Pilot was unveiled as a prototype in January 2008 at the North American International Auto Show.

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Third-generation 2016 Honda Pilot debuted at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2015, and production began in May It was made available for sale in June.

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The Elite trim level gained features that were new to the Honda Pilot, including ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and a panoramic roof.

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The powertrain for the Pilot has remained unchanged, but Honda did revise the nine-speed transmission and start-stop system that are only found on the Touring and Elite trims.

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Honda Pilot has replaced the steering wheel with a new design, from the Odyssey.

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