7 Facts About IHOP

1. In 2011, IHOP celebrated its sixth National Pancake Day, which in six years has raised more than $8 million in support of communities in which the restaurant chain does business.

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2. In 1993, IHOP introduced the first major addition to its menu since the 1980s, unveiling Country Griddle Cakes in September 1993, pairing itself with Nabisco, whose Cream of Wheat product was a primary ingredient in the pancakes.

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3. In 1981, IHOP became a private company when Jahn repurchased 52 percent of its stock.

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4. In early September 2010, IHOP filed a lawsuit in US District Court in Los Angeles against International House of Prayer and six other defendants alleging trademark dilution and infringement.

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5. In June 2018, IHOP performed a publicity stunt in which it announced that it would "flip" its name to "IHOb".

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6. In June 2015, IHOP introduced an updated logo, removing its decorative elements and adding a curved line under the "O" and "P" letters to resemble a smiley face.

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7. Under the deal, IHOP would pay $25.50 per share for Applebee's.

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