24 Facts About Jack Sparrow

1. Jack Sparrow appears in video games and books spun off the Pirates of the Caribbean media franchise, among them Kingdom Hearts II, where he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

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2. Jack Sparrow is listed by IGN as one of their ten favorite film outlaws, as he "lives for himself and the freedom to do whatever it is that he damn well pleases.

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3. Jack Sparrow wears four rings, two of which belong to Depp.

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4. Jack Sparrow wears an additional belt in the sequels, because Depp liked a new buckle which did not fit with the original piece.

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5. Jack Sparrow has several gold teeth, two of which belong to Depp, although they were applied during filming.

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6. Jack Sparrow wears a red bandanna and numerous objects in his hair, influenced by Keith Richards' habit of collecting souvenirs from his travels; Sparrow's decorations include his "piece of eight".

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7. Jack Sparrow has signed on to reprise the role for future sequels.

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8. Jack Sparrow researched 18th-century pirates and, seeing parallels with modern rock stars, modeled his performance on Keith Richards.

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9. The last hallucination took place while Jack Sparrow was imprisoned on the Dutchman, where his honest streak won.

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10. Jack Sparrow is perplexed over his attraction to Elizabeth Swann, and attempts to justify it throughout the film.

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11. Jack Sparrow attempts to use the secret to blackmail Barbossa, but fails.

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12. The next day, Jack Sparrow is sentenced to be executed by guillotine, but is rescued by Henry and his crew.

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13. Jack Sparrow refuses to negotiate with them to locate the Fountain of Youth and escapes.

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14. Jack Sparrow is surprised to learn Captain Barbossa is a privateer in the Royal Navy.

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15. Jack Sparrow is briefly reunited with his father, Captain Teague.

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16. Jack Sparrow wants it to convince Jones to call off the Kraken.

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17. Jack Sparrow convinces Elizabeth that Turner can be freed by using the magic compass to find the chest.

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18. Jack Sparrow is recruiting sailors in Tortuga when he encounters Elizabeth Swann and James Norrington, the latter having succumbed to alcohol.

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19. Jack Sparrow strikes a new deal with Jones to deliver one hundred souls in exchange for his own.

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20. Jack Sparrow made a bargain with Jones to raise the sunken Black Pearl and make Sparrow captain for thirteen years.

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21. Jack Sparrow cuts a deal with Commodore James Norrington to lead Norrington to Black Pearl.

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22. Jack Sparrow tells Turner that his father was a pirate known as "Bootstrap" Bill Turner.

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23. Along the way, Will learns that Jack Sparrow was Black Pearls captain until Barbossa led a mutiny ten years earlier and took over the ship, marooning Sparrow on an island to die.

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24. Jack Sparrow is introduced seeking to regain his ship, the Black Pearl, from his mutinous first mate, Hector Barbossa.

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