44 Facts About Jacoby Ellsbury


Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury is an American former professional baseball center fielder.

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Jacoby Ellsbury played in Major League Baseball for the Boston Red Sox from 2007 through 2013 and then played for the New York Yankees from 2014 to 2017.

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An enrolled member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, Ellsbury is the first Native American of Navajo descent to play Major League Baseball.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 23rd round of the 2002 MLB draft, but did not sign.

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Jacoby Ellsbury made his major league debut for the Red Sox in 2007.

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Jacoby Ellsbury led the American League in stolen bases three times and won World Series championships as a member of the Red Sox in 2007 and 2013.

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Jacoby Ellsbury played for the Yankees from 2014 to 2017, but was unable to play in 2018 or 2019 due to injury.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was born on September 11,1983 to Jim and Margie Jacoby Ellsbury.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Jacoby Ellsbury is an enrolled member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

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Margie Jacoby Ellsbury is a full-blooded Navajo and a descendant of 19th-century tribal leader Ganado Mucho.

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Jacoby Ellsbury's father, Franklin McCabe, was a silversmith, and her mother was a traditional rug weaver.

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In Little League, Jacoby Ellsbury often played with teammates up to three years older than him.

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Jacoby Ellsbury finished his football career with nine interceptions and six kickoff returns for touchdowns.

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Jacoby Ellsbury went to Oregon State University where he was a Baseball America first-team All-American and Pac-10 Conference Co-Player of the year, with Trevor Crowe.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was drafted in the first round of the 2005 MLB draft by the Boston Red Sox as a compensation pick from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the signing of Orlando Cabrera.

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Jacoby Ellsbury began his professional career on July 14,2005 with the Lowell Spinners in the Class A-Short Season New York–Penn League.

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Jacoby Ellsbury began the 2006 season ranked by Baseball America as the sixth-best prospect in the Red Sox' organization.

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Jacoby Ellsbury started the season with the Wilmington Blue Rocks of the Class A-Advanced Carolina League.

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Jacoby Ellsbury participated in the Red Sox' 2007 spring training camp in Fort Myers, Florida, as a non-roster invitee and was assigned to the minor league camp on March 9.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was rated the best prospect in the Red Sox' organization and the 33rd-best prospect in baseball for 2007 by Baseball America, while Sports Illustrated ranked Ellsbury as the 43rd-best prospect in baseball.

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Jacoby Ellsbury finished the season with 33 stolen bases for Pawtucket, which tied him for second in the International League.

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Jacoby Ellsbury is the first American Indian of Navajo descent to reach the major leagues.

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Jacoby Ellsbury recorded his first major league hit, an infield single off Robinson Tejeda, in the bottom of the third inning of that game.

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Jacoby Ellsbury scored from second base in that game on a wild pitch.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was two stolen bases shy of the major league record held by Tim Raines in 1979.

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Jacoby Ellsbury finished the season with 50 steals to lead the American League, putting him third on the list of Red Sox all-time stolen base leaders for a single season, behind Tommy Harper in 1973 and Tris Speaker in 1912.

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Jacoby Ellsbury finished third in the AL Rookie of the Year voting, behind Evan Longoria of Tampa Bay and Alexei Ramirez of the Chicago White Sox.

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In 2008, Jacoby Ellsbury was one of three active non-Hispanic Native American players in Major League Baseball, along with Kyle Lohse and Joba Chamberlain.

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Jacoby Ellsbury played his 179th straight regular-season game without an error on April 12,2009, breaking the franchise record for outfielders held by Mike Greenwell.

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Jacoby Ellsbury tied a major league record for outfielders with 12 putouts in a nine-inning game on May 20, tying Earl Clark of the Boston Braves, who accomplished the feat in 1929, and Lyman Bostock of the Minnesota Twins, who did it in 1977.

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Jacoby Ellsbury finished the season with 70 stolen bases, the most in the American League, and he led the league in triples with 10.

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Jacoby Ellsbury met with a thoracic specialist who advised him that his ribs should be further along in the healing process before he would be able to play.

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Jacoby Ellsbury won his first Gold Glove Award, and finished as one of only two qualifying players to complete the season with a 1.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was awarded a Silver Slugger Award for his hitting, joining teammate Adrian Gonzalez as the only American League players to win both the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards in 2011.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was voted the American League Comeback Player of the Year and finished second in the 2011 American League Most Valuable Player Award balloting with 242 points, losing to Justin Verlander.

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Jacoby Ellsbury turned in a strong performance in the 2013 postseason, batting.

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Jacoby Ellsbury's contract expired on October 31,2013, and he became a free agent for the first time in his career.

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Jacoby Ellsbury remained healthy for most of the season, playing in 149 games, the third-most games he has ever played in one season.

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Jacoby Ellsbury's home run count was the second-highest of his career next to his 2011 season.

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On May 20,2015, Jacoby Ellsbury was placed on the 15-day disabled list due to a right knee sprain.

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Jacoby Ellsbury began the 2019 year on the 10-day injured list due to a foot injury.

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Jacoby Ellsbury was one of the victims of the $8 billion fraud perpetrated by wealth manager Allen Stanford; although he had some assets frozen, it did not cause him any significant hardship akin to those suffered by Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady.

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In June 2014, Jacoby Ellsbury donated $1 million to his alma mater Oregon State University as part of a $3 million renovation project at Goss Stadium.

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