75 Facts About Jerry Lawler


Jerry Lawler is currently signed to WWE, although he has not performed as a full-time commentator since April 2020.

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Jerry Lawler is a one-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion and a three-time WCWA World Heavyweight Champion: he unified the titles by defeating Kerry Von Erich at Superclash III, forming the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship, a championship which he held 28 times.

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Jerry Lawler is known for his feud with comedian Andy Kaufman and he portrayed himself in the 1999 film Man on the Moon.

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Jerry Lawler has held more recognized championships than any professional wrestler in history, though he has never won any championships in WWE having wrestled sporadically whilst primarily providing color commentary, since joining the company.

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Two made an agreement in which Jerry Lawler would give Griffith free publicity in exchange for free wrestling training.

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Jerry Lawler debuted as a wrestler in 1970, and won his first championship in September 1971 by winning a battle royal.

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Jerry Lawler soon won the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship under the managerial service of Sam Bass with partner Jim White.

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In 1974, Jerry Lawler began feuding with Jackie Fargo, who had been his trainer and mentor.

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Jerry Lawler won the NWA Macon Tag Team Championship twice during this period.

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In 1977, promoter Jerry Lawler Jarrett broke away from Nick Gulas' NWA Mid-America promotion and formed his own promotion, the Continental Wrestling Association.

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Years later, Jerry Lawler appeared as himself in the Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon; the film revealed that Jerry Lawler's feud with Kaufman had been staged.

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Jerry Lawler later claimed that not only was his entire feud with Kaufman staged, but the two were actually very good friends.

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In 1981, Jerry Lawler wrestled for Championship Wrestling From Florida feuding Dory Funk Jr.

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In 1989, Jerry Lawler made his debut in the Memphis brand United States Wrestling Association, where he won the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship 28 times from 1989 until its doors closed in 1997.

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In 1992, Jerry Lawler teamed with Jeff Jarrett in a feud against The Moondogs.

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Jerry Lawler won the USWA World Tag Team Championship with Jarrett four times and twice with Bill Dundee.

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Jerry Lawler began his WWF career in December 1992 as an announcer on Superstars.

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Jerry Lawler made his in-ring debut at the 1993 Royal Rumble when he participated in the namesake match, which was won by Yokozuna.

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The feud began at King of the Ring when Jerry Lawler interrupted Hart's victory ceremony and attacked Bret.

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Jerry Lawler claimed that he was the only true king in the World Wrestling Federation, and the two were scheduled to wrestle at SummerSlam to settle the dispute.

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At the event Jerry Lawler came to the ring on crutches and claimed that he could not wrestle because of injuries suffered in a car accident.

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Jerry Lawler then attacked Hart, revealing that he was not injured.

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Simultaneously, in a form of cross-promotion, Jerry Lawler engaged in a bitter feud with Vince McMahon back in the USWA.

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Jerry Lawler was indicted for raping and sodomizing a 15-year-old girl, though charges were dropped when the alleged victim recanted her story.

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Jerry Lawler did not face Bret Hart at another pay-per-view until the first In Your House, when he beat Hart after Hakushi and his manager Shinja interfered.

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Jerry Lawler would continue to berate Piper on later episodes of Monday Night Raw, including bringing a skinny kid into the ring dressed as Piper and forcing him to kiss his feet.

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Jerry Lawler popped the balloons carried by Doink's midget sidekick, Dink.

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In late 1994 and early 1995, Jerry Lawler wrestled briefly in Smoky Mountain Wrestling while still continuing to commentate sporadically for the WWF.

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Jerry Lawler defeated Tony Anthony for the promotion's top title in January 1995.

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Jerry Lawler was the last SMW Heavyweight Champions defeating Brad Armstrong on Boxing Day 1995.

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In early 1997, Jerry Lawler was involved in a working relationship between the WWF and Extreme Championship Wrestling .

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Jerry Lawler wrestled between 1999 and 2001 mainly in house shows.

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Also Jerry Lawler feuded with Tazz's partner Raven until January 2001.

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The next night, Jerry Lawler teamed with APA, Bradshaw and Faarooq as they defeated Right to Censor members Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather and Val Venis on Raw.

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Jerry Lawler has stated several theories as to why he was allowed to leave.

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Jerry Lawler's first involves the ascent of Carter's career alongside the downfall of Chyna's.

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Jerry Lawler criticized McMahon for the cavalier attitude he had given him on the day he quit.

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Jerry Lawler felt that Carter's release was an attempt to remove him as well, stating that the company was well-aware that he would walk out alongside his wife.

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Jerry Lawler has stated repeatedly that he has no resentment towards Heyman, accusing the media and internet theorists of spreading false information.

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In 1997, Jerry Lawler became heavily involved in the working relationship between the WWF and Extreme Championship Wrestling .

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Jerry Lawler stated that his well-worked chemistry with Jim Ross has been a result of their different styles; according to Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross is a fine storyteller and keeps fans well-versed with current storylines, whereas he provides reaction and emotion to liven the commentary.

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Jerry Lawler attacked Orton in defense of Hogan, which set up a match between them on Raw.

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The following week, Jerry Lawler lost to Jericho after submitting to the Walls of Jericho.

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Jerry Lawler was the only person at ringside that fought back, as he used punches and chops to attack the NXT rookies assaulting him until it was a 3-on-1 assault.

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Cole's interference caused tension between the two, but when Jerry Lawler threatened to attack Cole, the Anonymous Raw General Manager issued a "cease and desist" order, which barred any physicality between them.

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Jerry Lawler tried to stop the attack, but fell victim to the ankle lock as well.

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At WrestleMania, Jerry Lawler initially won by submission but the Anonymous Raw General Manager reversed the decision due to Stone Cold physically getting involved in the match by pushing Cole, making Cole the winner by disqualification.

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Jerry Lawler challenged Cole to one last match at Over the Limit, even going as far as to putting his Hall of Fame ring on the line and offered to personally induct Cole into the Hall of Fame itself.

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Jerry Lawler competed in the 2012 Royal Rumble match as the number 12 entrant, but was eliminated by Cody Rhodes after 43 seconds.

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Jerry Lawler was able to blink, nod, and squeeze with his hands, and that same day, the results of several CT scans showed no signs of brain damage.

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Jerry Lawler continued to favor Punk's opponents, hoping that Punk would lose the WWE Championship, which he eventually did to The Rock at the Royal Rumble much to Jerry Lawler's delight.

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However, shortly afterwards, Jerry Lawler was taken off air and placed on the pre-show of both Raw and SmackDown as an analyst.

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At the 2018 Royal Rumble, during the men's match, Jerry Lawler was the special guest commentator where he correctly predicted that Shinsuke Nakamura would win.

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Jerry Lawler explained the incident on his podcast, which he revealed he couldn't speak for three days.

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Jerry Lawler stayed in the hospital's ICU until he woke up three days later and regained his speech.

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Jerry Lawler was able to make all of his appearances during WrestleMania 34 weekend in New Orleans and was cleared to wrestle.

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In 2007, it was announced that Jerry Lawler would be participating in a 'dream match' with Hulk Hogan which had been set to take place in the Memphis Wrestling promotion on April 27.

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Jerry Lawler returned to wrestling in 2013 nearly a year after his heart attack in an appearance in WWE.

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Jerry Lawler remains an active wrestler in Northeast Wrestling in Connecticut, USA Championship Wrestling in Tennessee, and Championship Wrestling Arkansas.

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In 1998, Jerry Lawler appeared in the film Man on the Moon, starring Jim Carrey.

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Jerry Lawler's platform focused on making the streets safer for residents, beautifying the city, and improving the quality of education.

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In 2000, Jerry Lawler made a very brief cameo appearance in the music video of "I Can't Lie To Me" By Clay Davidson.

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Jerry Lawler is a commercial artist, designing graphics for various companies, including WWE.

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Jerry Lawler has provided his voice for numerous WWE video games in which he has appeared as a commentator.

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Jerry Lawler is a playable character in a number of WWE games, WWE All Stars as a wrestler, WWE '12 as both a wrestler and a commentator and WWE '13, WWE 2K14, WWE 2K15, and WWE 2K16, WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds simply as a commentator and WWE 2K20 as a wrestler.

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In March 2017, Jerry Lawler launched the wrestling and pop-culture podcast Dinner with the King.

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Jerry Lawler's co-host is Glenn Moore and the podcast is produced by Pod Avenue.

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Jerry Lawler is the cousin of fellow professional wrestler The Honky Tonk Man.

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Jerry Lawler has been married three times and had two sons with his first wife, Kay.

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Sometimes, Jerry Lawler says he believes Kevin's short physical stature has prevented him from reaching success similar to Brian.

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Carter and Jerry Lawler later separated shortly before Jerry Lawler rejoined the WWF in November 2001.

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Jerry Lawler often cites Cleveland as his second-favorite city behind only Memphis and is a die-hard fan of the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Jerry Lawler is a collector of Coca-Cola and Superman merchandise, and owns a replica of the Batmobile from the 1960s Batman series.

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Jerry Lawler then returned to work for the World Wrestling Federation.

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Jerry Lawler alleged that Doolen had personally promised to "keep an eye" on Brian after he was incarcerated.

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