8 Facts About Jimmy Kimmel Live

1. Jimmy Kimmel Live made comments about the relationship between Hannity and President Trump.

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2. Jimmy Kimmel Live issued a tongue-in-cheek apology at first, saying that if "the Lakers win, I plan to overturn my own car.

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3. Jimmy Kimmel Live will then have the audience guess the answer to the question, then will reveal the answer to the audience.

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4. Jimmy Kimmel Live will give out a challenge to viewers asking them to videotape themselves pulling a prank on a family member or significant other, and then revealing that "Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it".

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5. Jimmy Kimmel Live discussed the appearance during an interview with Marc Maron for the latter's podcast in 2012.

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6. Jimmy Kimmel Live introduced his star-studded musical by addressing Damon and vowing, "You take something I love from me, I'm gonna take something you love from you.

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7. Jimmy Kimmel Live was a New York City police officer and a personal security guard for Frank Sinatra.

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8. Jimmy Kimmel Live would appear in comedy bits for the show.

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