98 Facts About John Kasich

1. John Kasich enters a crowded field of Republican candidates Tuesday, as he becomes the 16th person to declare he is running for president.

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2. In 2010, John Kasich marked his return to politics by defeating incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland for the governorship of Ohio.

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3. John Kasich served in the House from 1983 to 2001, winning reelection eight times.

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4. John Kasich voted for the Defense of Marriage Act years ago and supported Ohio's ban on gay marriage.

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5. John Kasich wrote: "I drifted away from religion as a young adult.

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6. John Kasich pulled off a crucial victory in the Ohio primary on Tuesday.

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7. John Kasich has used his faith to argue for expansion of government programs.

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8. John Kasich was a former altar boy in the Roman Catholic Church.

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9. In 2010, John Kasich defeated Democrat Governor Tim Strickland, becoming the first candidate to defeat an incumbent governor in the state of Ohio in 35 years.

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10. John Kasich is an American politician and a former television host.

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11. John Kasich campaigned as a pragmatist and became a vocal critic of Donald Trump, a political outsider who emerged as the party's front-runner.

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12. John Kasich served nine terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio's 12th congressional district from 1983 to 2001.

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13. John Kasich convinced the university president to deliver a letter to President Nixon at their meeting the next day, which secured Kasich his own meeting with Nixon at the White House.

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14. John Kasich announced his candidacy for president this morning, joining the already diverse GOP field.

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15. John Kasich secured medical care for poor Ohioans by expanding coverage under the Medicaid program for low-income families and individuals, an option made possible by the federal Affordable Care Act.

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16. John Kasich is known to be considering a run for president in 2020.

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17. John Kasich is one of the Republican Party's most vocal Trump critics, openly blaming the president for the country's political divisions and slamming his hard-line immigration policies, which resulted in the separation of more than 2,000 migrant children from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

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18. John Kasich is the hero the GOP needs, but not the one it deserves right now.

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19. John Kasich reflected on memorable moments at the fairgrounds, some good.

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20. John Kasich says he's still considering challenging President Trump in 2020—a decision he'll have to make soon.

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21. John Kasich supported that public sector collective bargaining reform law that unions furiously and loudly fought, including during his State of the State speech in March 2011.

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22. John Kasich launched his campaign in his adopted hometown of Westerville in June 2009 with this message: "We march over time to destroy that income tax that has sucked the vitality out of this state.

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23. John Kasich was raised a Catholic, but considers denominations irrelevant, while stating that "there's always going to be a part of me that considers myself a Catholic.

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24. John Kasich indicated that he hoped for Trump's success, but would continue to be critical when he thought it was necessary.

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25. John Kasich came in second place in the New Hampshire primary on February 9, 2016, behind winner Trump.

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26. On July 21, 2015, John Kasich announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination during a speech at the Ohio Union, the student union of his alma mater, the Ohio State University.

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27. In July 2015, John Kasich said that it was "pure demagoguery" for Hillary Clinton to "say that there are Republicans who are deliberately trying to keep people from voting.

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28. In February 2014, John Kasich signed into law a bill which cut six days from Ohio's early voting period, including the "golden week".

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29. John Kasich said of Taylor's handling of the matter: "Mary did the right thing and I support her.

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30. John Kasich has a "long-standing political partnership" with his lieutenant governor, Mary Taylor.

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31. John Kasich said that the order was "ham-handed" because it "sowed so much confusion" and "sent a message that somehow the United States was looking sideways at Muslims.

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32. John Kasich opposed Trump's executive order on travel and immigration, which Trump signed one week after taking office in January 2017.

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33. In October 2015, John Kasich criticized Donald Trump's "plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and remove immigrants who entered the United States illegally", calling these notions "just crazy.

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34. In 2014, John Kasich acknowledged that his stance on immigration has "evolved" because "maybe [I'm] a little smarter now", stating: "I don't want to see anybody in pain.

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35. John Kasich told the Columbus Dispatch at the time that "One thing that I don't want to reward is illegal immigration.

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36. In May 2017, John Kasich said that the version of the Republican health care bill that passed the House was "inadequate" and would harm patients; Kasich said that Republicans "should've worked with the Democrats" on the bill rather than passing legislation merely to fulfill a campaign pledge.

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37. John Kasich said that the nation's "soul" was at stake if Republicans passed legislation that left millions without health insurance.

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38. John Kasich opted to accept Medicaid-expansion funding provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Ohio.

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39. In December 2014, John Kasich signed legislation that reduced the numbers of hours of training required to obtain a concealed carry permit and eliminated the training requirement for permit renewals.

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40. In December 2018, John Kasich signed an executive order extending non-discrimination protections for gender identity, including trans and non-binary identities, to state employees in Ohio.

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41. In September 2015, John Kasich commented on the highly publicized case of Kim Davis, saying: "Now, I respect the fact that this lady doesn't agree but she's a government employee, she's not running a church, I wouldn't force this on a church.

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42. John Kasich indicated that he did not support an amendment to the US Constitution to overturn the decision.

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43. John Kasich is known to be much more liberal towards LGBT rights than his Republican counterparts.

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44. John Kasich has supported Senator John McCain's call for maintaining existing US sanctions on Russia, and has condemned the Trump administration's consideration of lifting sanctions.

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45. John Kasich supports continued US support of Saudi Arabia, but he criticized Saudi Arabia's "funding and teaching of radical clerics who are the very people who try to destroy us".

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46. In 2015, John Kasich said that airstrikes were insufficient to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and he would send US ground troops to fight ISIL.

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47. In November 2002, John Kasich urged the invasion of Iraq, telling a crowd of students at The Ohio State University: "We should go to war with Iraq.

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48. John Kasich successfully secured approval of the proposal from the Capital Square Review and Advisory Board.

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49. In 2011, John Kasich had the idea of establishing a Holocaust memorial on the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse.

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50. John Kasich supports the Common Core State Standards and has criticized Republicans who turned against it.

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51. John Kasich canceled the school-funding formula put into place by his Democratic predecessor, Governor Ted Strickland.

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52. John Kasich is a strong supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and participated with others in a meeting with President Obama in support of the agreement.

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53. John Kasich said in 2016 that "I have never been an ideological supporter of free trade", but has long supported free trade agreements.

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54. John Kasich created a 50(4) group, Balanced Budget Forever, to promote the cause.

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55. John Kasich has campaigned for a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.

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56. In May 2015, John Kasich rescinded executive orders issued by his predecessor Ted Strickland in 2007 and 2008 that provided the right to home health care contractors and in-home child care contractors to collectively bargain with the state.

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57. In 2015, John Kasich signed into law a $71 billion two-year state budget after using his line-item veto power to veto 44 items.

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58. John Kasich used his line-item veto power to reject a measure that would stop the Medicaid expansion to cover nearly 275,000 working poor Ohioans.

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59. In 2013, John Kasich signed into law a $62 billion two-year state budget.

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60. John Kasich signed a state budget in 2011 which eliminated the state's estate tax effective January 1, 2013.

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61. In March 2008, John Kasich called for "phasing out" Ohio's state income tax.

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62. John Kasich opposed "Issue 3", an Ohio ballot measure in 2015 that proposed the legalization of recreational marijuana, saying it was a "terrible idea.

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63. In July 2015, John Kasich signed legislation further expanding the availability of naloxone, making it available without a prescription.

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64. John Kasich initially expressed opposition to medical marijuana in 2012, saying "There's better ways to help people who are in pain.

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65. In 2015, John Kasich proposed a state budget including $61.7 million for addiction treatment services for prisoners.

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66. In September 2014, John Kasich touted the Ohio's prison system's recidivism rate, which is one of the lowest in the nation.

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67. In 2016, John Kasich granted executive clemency to 13 people; in all of the cases, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority had recommended clemency.

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68. John Kasich has the lowest clemency rate of any Ohio governor since at least the 1980s, when records began to be kept.

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69. In January 2015, John Kasich announced that, due to pending litigation and other issues, he was delaying all seven executions scheduled through January 2016.

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70. John Kasich is a supporter of the Keystone XL oil pipeline project; along with other Republican governors, Kasich signed an open letter in support of federal approval for the project in February 2015.

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71. John Kasich never appointed the commission, and the promotional plan was never put into effect.

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72. In 2014, John Kasich signed into law a bill freezing Ohio's renewable portfolio standard program for two years.

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73. In December 2016, John Kasich approved a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, except when a pregnancy endangers a woman's life, but vetoed HB 493, a law which would have made abortion illegal after detection of a fetal heartbeat.

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74. In 2015, John Kasich said in an interview that Planned Parenthood "ought to be de-funded" but Republicans in Congress should not force a government shutdown over the issue.

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75. John Kasich is a "firm abortion opponent" and describes himself as pro-life.

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76. John Kasich supported longtime ally and campaign veteran Matt Borges over Portage County Tea Party chairman Tom Zawistowski for the position of chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

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77. John Kasich was sworn in at midnight on January 10, 2011, in a private ceremony at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

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78. On November 2, 2010, John Kasich defeated Strickland in a closely contested race to win the governorship.

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79. On May 4, 2010, John Kasich won the Republican nomination for governor, having run unopposed.

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80. John Kasich formally announced his candidacy on June 1, 2009.

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81. On May 1, 2009, John Kasich filed papers to run for governor of Ohio against incumbent Democratic governor Ted Strickland.

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82. In 2008, John Kasich formed Recharge Ohio, a political action committee with the goal of raising money to help Republican candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate, in an effort to retain Republican majorities in the Ohio General Assembly.

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83. John Kasich responded to critics by saying: "I wasn't involved in the inner workings of Lehman, I was a banker.

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84. In 1998, John Kasich voted to impeach President Clinton on all four charges made against him.

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85. In 1994, John Kasich was one of the Republican leaders to support a last-minute deal with President Bill Clinton to pass the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

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86. In 1993, John Kasich became the ranking Republican member of the House Budget Committee.

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87. John Kasich pushed through the bill creating the 1988 Base Realignment and Closure Commission, which closed obsolete US military bases, and successfully opposed a proposed $110 million expansion of the Pentagon building after the end of the Cold War.

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88. John Kasich participated extensively in the passage of the Goldwater–Nichols Act of 1986, which reorganized the US Department of Defense.

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89. John Kasich was a member of the House Armed Services Committee for 18 years.

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90. John Kasich worked with Ralph Nader in seeking to reduce corporate tax loopholes.

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91. John Kasich was the 2nd youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Senate.

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92. John Kasich has described himself as "a Croatian and a Czech".

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93. John Kasich refused to support the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and did not attend the 2016 Republican National Convention, which was held in his state; he reported that he wrote-in the name of US Senator and former 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

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94. John Kasich was reelected in 2014, defeating Democrat Ed FitzGerald by 30 percentage points.

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95. John Kasich worked as an investment banker, serving as managing director of the Lehman Brothers office in Columbus, Ohio.

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96. John Kasich worked for Fox News, hosting Heartland with John Kasich from 2001 to 2007 and was a fill-in host for The O'Reilly Factor.

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97. John Kasich was a key figure in the passage of both 1996 welfare reform legislation and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.

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98. John Kasich served nine terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing from 1983 to 2001.

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