43 Facts About Kendall Windham


Kendall Wayne Windham was born on December 15,1967 and is an American retired professional wrestler.


Kendall Windham is the son of Blackjack Mulligan and the brother of Barry Windham.


Kendall Windham is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling.


Kendall Windham started wrestling in 1984 for Championship Wrestling from Florida, making his debut on June 10 in Tampa, FL in a win over Jack Hart.


Kendall Windham was very skinny but had the same moves and looks as his older brother, Barry.


Kendall Windham remained undefeated until he was finally pinned by Jack Hart at a house show in Orlando, FL.


Kendall Windham retained the title against Jack Hart in rematches, and cast as good guy he teamed with his brother Barry to feud with Ron Bass and Kevin Sullivan's "cult".


On February 22,1986, Kendall Windham finally lost the Florida title to The Cuban Assassin at a TV taping in Tampa.


The loss was avenged a few weeks later when Kendall Windham regained the title at another TV taping on On March 30,1986, he defeated The White Ninja, beginning a feud with the future superstar and partner Kendo Nagasaki.


In May 1986, the Florida title was vacated, but Kendall Windham participated in a tournament to crown the next champion.


Kendall Windham defeated the White Ninja and Jerry Grey to regain the title for a third time on May 18,1986, but lost the title to the Ninja three days later at a TV taping.


Kendall Windham defended the championship successfully against the Ninja and Kendo Nagasaki before losing the title to Ron Bass on July 15,1986.


Kendall Windham feuded with Ron Bass for the remainder of the summer of 1986 but was unable to regain the championship.


Kendall Windham then resumed his feud with Kendo Nagasaki, defeating him in numerous house show matches in the fall of 1986.


Kendall Windham closed out the year teaming with Vic Steamboat in a tournament to crown the vacant NWA Florida Tag-Team Championship, losing in the finals to The New Breed on December 25,1986.


Kendall Windham continued to wrestle for the CWF throughout the spring, and Kendall's final match came against The Tahitian Prince in Jacksonville, FL on May 25,1987.


Unlike his brother, Kendall Windham found himself as an opening match wrestler on the house show circuit and lost to Eddie Gilbert and Arn Anderson.


Kendall Windham formed another team, this time with Jimmy Valiant and competed frequently on the house show circuit.


Kendall Windham entered 1988 mired in the preliminary ranks, losing to Larry Zybysko, Arn Anderson, NWA Florida Champion Rick Steiner and The Powers of Pain.


Kendall Windham turned on Gilbert and joined Barry and held up the four fingers to the camera.


Kendall Windham began teaming with Barry but his association with the Horsemen was short-lived.


Barry Kendall Windham would leave the promotion in March 1988, and following a loss to Lex Luger at a house show in Memphis, TN on April 20th he too would depart the NWA for Florida.


On June 27,1989, Kendall Windham won the FCW Heavyweight Championship from Dustin Rhodes.


Kendall Windham obtained a new manager, Oliver Humperdink, and feuded with Rhodes.


Kendall Windham soon left Humperdink for Robert Fuller's Stud Stable and by the end of 1989, was a member of Ron Slinker's "Strike Command".


Eight months after departing WCW for the PWF, Kendall Windham made his return to the Turner promotion.


Kendall Windham next appeared on the Jan 6,1990, edition of WCW Pro and was defeated by Brian Pillman.


Kendall Windham decided to take a two year hiatus from wrestling.


Kendall Windham returned to wrestling in 1992 for Florida's ICWA promotion where he feuded with Pat Tanaka and Kevin Sullivan.


Kendall Windham had put on some more weight in prison and was considered a heavyweight instead of a light heavyweight.


Later that year Kendall Windham teamed with Dan Spivey for a tour of All Japan Pro Wrestling.


Kendall Windham made his debut for the promotion on Nov 14,1992, in Omiya, Japan in a losing effort to the Miracle Violence Connection.


Spivey and Kendall Windham competed in the AJPW Real World Tag League 1992 event, and on Nov 17th defeated Dory Funk Jr and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi.


Kendall Windham returned to All Japan the following year to participate in the AJPW Summer Action Series 1993.


Kendall Windham returned to WCW on July 10,1993, teaming with Mark Starr to face The Hollywood Blonds on WCW Worldwide.


Kendall Windham surfaced on January 14,1995, in ECW, defeating Hack Myers at a house show in Davie, FL.


Kendall Windham made his first official PPV appearance at WCW World War 3 on November 23,1997, competing in the 60 person battle royal.


Kendall Windham continued to feud with Duggan while remaining victorious over lower-level opponents, including El Dandy, Tim Cheeks, and Evan Karagias.


Kendall Windham gained his first WCW championship when he and Barry defeated Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team Titles on August 23,1999, at a Monday Nitro in Las Vegas, NV.


Kendall Windham next appeared in the WWC, defeating Dutch Mantell in his debut on December 18,1999, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.


Kendall Windham then challenged Ray Gonzalez for the WWC Universal Championship on May 6,2000, in a match that went to a double countout.


That summer Barry joined the promotion, and on July 16,2000, the Kendall Windham Brothers defeated The Public Enemy at the WWC 27th Aniversario show.


Kendall Windham is currently president of a security business in Brandon, Florida.