78 Facts About King Simba

1. King Simba has a move with Sora that causes huge rocks to appear and strike opponents, after which he slashes foes—ending, finally, with his summon attack from the first game, Proud Roar.

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2. At the funeral, King Simba starts to speak in elephantese but accidentally says "he had poop on him" rather than "he had good on him", which worries Nala and Zazu, but luckily the elephants laugh.

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3. King Simba struggles to learn elephantese despite Zazu's many attempts to teach him.

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4. King Simba comes across Kion and Kiara arguing over a tree and reveals to them that Kiara will be temporary queen for a few days.

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5. King Simba thanks Kiara for informing him of this before sending her and her friend Tiifu to track gazelles while he has a word with Kion.

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6. King Simba tells Kion that they need to talk, to which Kion thinks at first is about love, saying that they already that talk, but Simba assures him that it's not that.

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7. King Simba ends up having to separate his children when they start squabbling, before sending Kion and Bunga to play their game elsewhere.

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8. King Simba points out to Kion that he needs to talk to Kiara, who is going to track gazelles with her friends.

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9. King Simba banished the dark lions, who became known as Outsiders, to a deserted place referred to as the Outlands for supporting Scar.

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10. King Simba reaches his daughter and helps her back up the cliff, where a worried Nala is waiting.

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11. King Simba escapes and weakly makes his way back to Pride Rock, where he manages to whisper to Kiara what happened, before fainting.

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12. King Simba pushes himself up, dislodging a log which tumbles down and crushes Nuka.

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13. King Simba looks up to see Kovu instead of Scar; then Kovu lets Simba fall, and he wakes up out of his dream.

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14. King Simba refuses; but Zazu tells him that his father's law demands all debts be paid.

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15. King Simba is roaring menacingly at Kovu when Rafiki appears and brings up the fact that Kovu saved his daughter's life.

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16. King Simba promises, but sends Timon and Pumbaa to watch her anyway.

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17. The Lion King Simba looks on proudly as Rafiki holds his baby cub up for all of his kingdom to see, just as his parents, Mufasa and Sarabi, did when Simba himself was born.

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18. King Simba leaves to flop down on the rock, wishing his father was still alive.

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19. The Lion King Simba was originally going to be called "King of the Jungle.

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20. Lion King Simba had a special edition that was released in IMAX cinemas.

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21. King Simba fights the lioness because he wants to save Pumbaa's life.

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22. King Simba is trapped in the gorge as the wildebeest run towards him.

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23. King Simba lies to his mother, Sarabi, about going to the Water Hole when he is actually going to the Elephant Graveyard.

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24. The Lion King Simba is a musical; the songs have music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice.

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25. Lion King Simba is an animated movie produced by Walt Disney in 1994.

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26. The Lion King Simba was actually made by a "B-Team" of Disney animators since the "A-Team" had elected to focus on the picture they thought would be more successful—Pocahontas.

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27. The Lion King Simba was the first Disney animated film to feature a completely original storyline—that is, one that was not an adaptation of a pre-existing story.

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28. King Simba makes an appearance on a float in Paris Disneyland with Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, and Scar hiding at the back.

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29. King Simba is a prominent character in Disney's Animal Kingdom merchandise and promotional material.

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30. King Simba has his own spell card known as "King Simba's Roar" in the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

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31. King Simba has made numerous appearances in House of Mouse as a minor character.

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32. King Simba appears in a painting during the musical sequence, "Wisdom on the Walls".

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33. King Simba is mentioned by Tamaa when the drongo boasts to the Lion Guard that he has mastered Simba's voice.

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34. King Simba is mentioned by Beshte when the young hippo informs Hodari that Kiburi and his float were banished from the Pride Lands for trying to assassinate Simba.

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35. King Simba questions his son as to why Christmas is so important, and Bunga explains that he wants to make up for his uncles' good deeds over the years.

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36. King Simba questions Bunga as to what they need to do in order to practice for the show, but Bunga remains unsure as to where he should begin.

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37. King Simba arrives with his mate, Nala, and daughter, Kiara, as well as the lionesses of his pride, for the Ukumbusho Tradition in Mizimu Grove.

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38. King Simba starts to blame Makuu for the pandemonium, but Makuu insists that whoever is leading his float has defied a direct order from their leader.

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39. King Simba is mentioned by Kion when the lion cub informs Uroho that he is the son of the king.

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40. King Simba arrives with his mate, Nala, to praise the legendary eagle Hadithi, who is visiting the Pride Lands.

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41. King Simba submits to these orders and starts the Lion Guard's chant as the team races away to fulfill their separate duties.

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42. King Simba happens to overhear the song and informs Bunga that his performance had gotten one thing right: that Simba is excited to lead the Lion Guard.

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43. King Simba assures Kion that in the absence of their leader, the Lion Guard will be lead by Simba.

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44. King Simba prompts the Lion Guard to relate Sokwe's message, to which Kion says, "Kuishi ni kucheka", as Bunga throws a snow ball over Simba's head.

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45. King Simba tells Bunga that Timon and Pumbaa sang the song to him all the time he grew up, making Bunga believe that they are brothers.

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46. King Simba finds the right tunnel and goes to find Bunga and manages to find him by hearing him sing Hakuna Matata and joins in.

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47. King Simba makes occasional appearances in the Timon and Pumbaa animated series as the show's tritagonist.

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48. King Simba appears at two puzzles: at one, he and Nala are shown looking at each other in love, and at the second one, he is shown with Pumbaa, Timon and Zazu durong a rain storm.

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49. At the start of the story, King Simba asks his friends Timon and Pumbaa how they first came to meet.

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50. King Simba can first be seen teaching his daughter Kiara about life as a future monarch atop Pride Rock.

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51. King Simba is seen when he chases Scar up Pride Rock and flips him to the ground below.

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52. King Simba has an interesting conversation with Pumbaa about dung beetles before Nala appears and chases Pumbaa, making Simba attack her.

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53. King Simba is found by Timon and Pumbaa, who carry him to shade and water and eventually let him live in the jungle with them.

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54. King Simba reaches his daughter and helps her back up the cliff, where she is hugged by a relieved Nala.

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55. King Simba tells his daughter to stay out of the fight, but Kiara tells him that the fight has to stop.

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56. King Simba commands Zazu to find Kiara and assembles the lionesses, ready for battle.

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57. King Simba escapes and weakly makes his way back to the Pride Lands, where he manages to whisper to Kiara, Timon, and Pumbaa about what has happened before he collapses due to extreme exhaustion.

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58. King Simba is then attacked by the Outsiders on Zira's orders.

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59. King Simba initially refuses, but Zazu tells him that his father's law demands all debts be paid.

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60. King Simba orders Zira to take Kovu and get out since they are now finished with their conversation.

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61. King Simba looks down and sees that Scar has survived the fall, though he is slightly dazed from the attack.

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62. King Simba forces his uncle to confess out loud, which leads to a tremendous battle.

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63. King Simba quietly apologizes, but Mufasa just says, "Let's go home.

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64. King Simba approaches his father and tries to speak, but Mufasa interrupts, accusing Simba of deliberately disobeying him.

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65. King Simba tries to get Nala to accompany him somewhere without giving away the location of their adventure.

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66. At the beginning of the film, a newborn King Simba lies curled in his mother's paws.

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67. King Simba stands in for Hamlet, but he's a lot less complicated; in fact, he's less complicated than Morris the Cat or Sylvester.

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68. King Simba currently appears in animatronic form in Festival of the Lion King at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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69. King Simba appeared as one of the main characters at Epcot's Land Pavilion 12-minute edutainment film Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable, until its closure in 2018.

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70. King Simba was the main character in "Legend of the Lion King", a former Fantasyland attraction in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, which retold the story of the film using fully articulated puppets.

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71. King Simba was featured as a guest in the animated series House of Mouse, in which he alternates between cub and adult.

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72. King Simba appears in a music video of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

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73. King Simba makes several appearances, including one episode in which Timon drags him out to try to revive Pumbaa's lost memory.

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74. King Simba finally approves of Kiara's love for Kovu and reconciles with his daughter, and accepts the two lions as the future king and queen of the Pride Lands.

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75. King Simba returns to the Pride Lands with Nala, Timon and Pumbaa and finds them barren because their natural resources have been squandered and abused by Scar.

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76. The Lion King Simba was Disney's first animated feature film to feature absolutely no humans since Robin Hood.

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77. In 1997, The Lion King Simba was adapted into a Broadway musical, with actors Scott Irby-Ranniar and Jason Raize originating the roles of the cub and adult Simbas, respectively.

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78. King Simba is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise.

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