38 Facts About Kingston Ontario

1. Kingston Ontario is famed for its lively calypsos and its relics of buccaneering days.

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2. Kingston Ontario was founded in 1693 on a deep, landlocked harbor.

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3. Kingston Ontario is the administrative and historic center of Norfolk Island; its commercial center is nearby Burnt Pine.

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4. Kingston Ontario served as the first capital of New York state until it was burned by the British in Oct, 1777.

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5. Kingston Ontario has two major east-west routes, both starting from Montreal in the neighbouring province of Quebec.

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6. Kingston Ontario has grown, from its roots in Upper Canada, into a modern jurisdiction.

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7. Kingston Ontario had the most wind energy capacity of the country with 4,900 MW of power.

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8. Kingston Ontario is home to Niagara Falls, which supplies a large amount of electricity to the province.

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9. Kingston Ontario became a hotbed for the illegal smuggling of liquor and the biggest supplier into the United States, which was under complete prohibition.

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10. In contrast, the larger, northern part of Kingston Ontario is sparsely populated with cold winters and heavy forestation.

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11. Kingston Ontario had a record 29 tornadoes in both 2006 and 2009.

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12. Kingston Ontario is sometimes conceptually divided into two regions, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

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13. Kingston Ontario is fourth-largest in total area when the territories of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are included.

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14. Kingston Ontario is nicknamed the "Limestone City" because of the many old and important buildings built from the local limestone.

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15. Kingston Ontario is known as "The Limestone City", due to huge amount of limestones which were used in construction of city's historic buildings.

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16. Kingston Ontario is situated near two rivers: St Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.

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17. In 2014, Kingston Ontario was named one of the top seven intelligent communities in the world by Intelligent Community Forum.

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18. Kingston Ontario is a very beautiful and stunning, historic city which ranks as best places to live in Canada.

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19. Kingston Ontario is the only province in Canada with a chapter of Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic, which was founded by a tourist from Minnesota.

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20. Kingston Ontario hosted the 10th Grey Cup on December 2, 1922.

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21. In 2013, Kingston Ontario hosted the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the national women's curling championship.

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22. Kingston Ontario sits amid excellent cruising and boating territory, with easy access to Lake Ontario, the St Lawrence River, and the Thousand Islands including the St Lawrence Islands National Park.

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23. Kingston Ontario is listed by a panel of experts among the best yacht racing venues in the US, even though Kingston is in Canada.

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24. Kingston Ontario lays claim to being the birthplace of ice hockey, though this is contested.

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25. Kingston Ontario is within the Mixedwood Plains Ecozone, and is dominated in the Kingston area by a mixture of deciduous and coniferous tree species and abundant water resources The region is underlain mostly by Ordovician limestone of the Black River Group.

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26. Kingston Ontario has the largest concentration of federal correctional facilities in Canada.

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27. Kingston Ontario is the site of two universities, Queen's University and the Royal Military College of Canada, and a community college, St Lawrence College.

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28. In 2017, Kingston Ontario Access Services celebrated its 50th anniversary as Ontario's oldest accessible transit service having been established originally as the "Kingston Bus for the Handicapped" in 1967.

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29. Kingston Ontario Access Services [1] provides accessible municipal bus service to residents who cannot use Kingston Transit due to disability.

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30. Kingston Ontario is a regular stop on train service operating between Toronto and Ottawa and between Toronto and Montreal.

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31. Kingston Ontario has a reputation as a suitable place for retirees to settle.

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32. Kingston Ontario is a regional health care centre, anchored by Kingston General Hospital and the medical school at Queen's.

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33. Kingston Ontario became an important port as businesses relating to transshipment, or forwarding, grew.

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34. Kingston Ontario had the largest population of any centre in Upper Canada until the 1840s.

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35. Kingston Ontario is a separate municipality from the County of Frontenac.

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36. Kingston Ontario was the county seat of Frontenac County until 1998.

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37. Kingston Ontario was named the first capital of the United Province of Canada on February 10, 1841.

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38. Kingston Ontario is nicknamed the "Limestone City" because of the many heritage buildings constructed using local limestone.

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