18 Facts About Latur district


Latur district is a district in Maharashtra state of India.

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In 1905 it was merged with surrounding areas, renamed Latur tehsil, and became part of Osmanabad district, which until 17 September 1948 was a part of Hyderabad Kingdom under the Nizams.

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Latur district is in the Marathwada region in Maharashtra in India, located between 17°52' North to 18°50' North and 76°18' East to 79°12' East in the Deccan plateau.

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The entire district of Latur is on the Balaghat plateau, 540 to 638 metres from the mean sea level.

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Much of the water used in the Latur district comes from the Manjara River, which suffered from environmental degradation and silting in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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The Latur district had a population density of 343 inhabitants per square kilometre.

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In January 2011, the first ever 'Latur district Festival' was organised on 10,11 and 12 January under the guidance of Mr Amit Deshmukh.

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Latur district pattern is a mechanical methodology of continuous study designed to help students in providing point-to-point answers to questions which could be expected in the examination.

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In past few years, Latur district has emerged as an educational hub for higher education.

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Latur district is known for its Latur district Pattern which has given toppers to the state for many years in HSC and SSC exams conducted by MSBSHSE.

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Latur district became one of the important trading hub during the time of Nizams of Hyderabad.

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Latur district is known all over India for the quality and quantity of pulses that it produces especially Pigeon pea.

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Latur district is a major trading center for Urad, Moong and Channa along with Toor.

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Latur district Airport is located near Chincholiraowadi, northwest of Latur district city.

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Latur district is is connected to Mumbai by a direct train via Kurduvadi.

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Latur district Region is still awaiting to get a Krida Prabodhini.

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Latur district had a devastating, though only low magnitude, earthquake on 30 September 1993 resulting in a huge loss of life.

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Latur district was almost completely destroyed and life came to a standstill.

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