26 Facts About Laurence Harvey

1. Laurence Harvey had a daughter in August 1969 with the Model, Paulene Stone.

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2. Laurence Harvey was the lead act as Raymond Shaw, and this was one score that fit him as an affectless and dispassionate screen sensation.

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3. Laurence Harvey made a meal of his Hollywood opportunity and this perhaps robbed him of the chance to consolidate on his British ascendancy.

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4. Laurence Harvey was back as the British media lackey when he made a meal of the 1949 hit, Room at the Top.

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5. Laurence Harvey hit real acclaim with the 1956 feature in Three Men in a Boat, and this was a confirmed runaway hit.

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6. At this time, Laurence Harvey signed up on the role of the Associated British Studios.

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7. Laurence Harvey made his big-screen debut when he starred in the 1948 film, House of Darkness.

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8. Laurence Harvey was born 1st of October in the year 1928.

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9. Laurence Harvey could project such utter boredom that willowy debutantes would shrivel in his presence.

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10. Laurence Harvey left Baddeley in 1951 for actress Margaret Leighton, who was then married to publisher Max Reinhardt.

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11. Just before Laurence Harvey died, in 1973, he was planning to star in and direct two films: one on Kitty Genovese, the other a Wolf Mankowitz comedy called Cockatrice.

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12. Laurence Harvey starred in Escape to the Sun and was reunited with Taylor in Night Watch.

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13. Laurence Harvey gives a rendition of Hamlet's soliloquy that develops unexpectedly into a campy striptease routine.

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14. Laurence Harvey co-starred with Ann-Margret in Rebus then appeared in a film set in Ancient Rome, Kampf um Rom (1970).

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15. Laurence Harvey provided the narration for the Soviet film Tchaikovsky, directed by Igor Talankin.

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16. Laurence Harvey completed direction of the spy thriller A Dandy in Aspic after director Anthony Mann died during production.

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17. Laurence Harvey owned the rights to the book on which John Osborne's early script for the film The Charge of the Light Brigade was partially based, Cecil Woodham-Smith's book The Reason Why (1953).

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18. Laurence Harvey co-starred with Israeli actress Daliah Lavi in the comedy The Spy with a Cold Nose, a parody of the James Bond films.

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19. Laurence Harvey reprised his role as Joe Lampton in Life at the Top, then he enjoyed a big hit with Darling, co-starring Julie Christie and Dirk Bogarde.

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20. Laurence Harvey made his directorial debut with The Ceremony, in which he starred.

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21. Laurence Harvey was given the romantic male lead in another Hollywood spectacular, King Richard and the Crusaders, supporting Rex Harrison and George Sanders.

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22. Laurence Harvey had an uncredited role in the comedy Innocents in Paris, and in a Hollywood film, Knights of the Round Table.

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23. Laurence Harvey starred in leading roles for two movies with Lewis Gilbert, Scarlet Thread and There Is Another Sun.

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24. Laurence Harvey appeared in supporting roles in several of their lower-budget films such as Man on the Run, Landfall and The Dancing Years (1950).

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25. Laurence Harvey made his cinema debut in the British film House of Darkness, but its distributor British Lion thought someone named Larry Skikne (as he was then known) was not commercially viable.

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26. Laurence Harvey was born in Joniskis, Lithuania, the youngest of three sons of Ella and Ber Skikne, Lithuanian Jewish parents.

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