13 Facts About Leiden University


Leiden University is a public research university in Leiden, Netherlands.

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Leiden University has seven academic faculties and over fifty subject departments while housing more than 40 national and international research institutes.

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Leiden University has produced twenty-six Spinoza Prize Laureates and sixteen Nobel Laureates, including Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein.

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Internationally, Leiden University is associated with several leaders, including a President of the United States, two NATO Secretaries-General, a President of the International Court of Justice and a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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The learning and reputation of Jacobus Gronovius, Herman Boerhaave, Tiberius Hemsterhuis and David Ruhnken, among others, enabled Leiden University to maintain its reputation for excellence down to the end of the 18th century.

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In 2012 Leiden entered into a strategic alliance with Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam in order for the universities to increase the quality of their research and teaching.

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Leiden University partnered with Duke University School of Law starting in 2017 to run a joint summer program on global and transnational law from the Hague campus.

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Leiden University has no central campus; its buildings are spread over the city.

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Leiden University is divided into seven major faculties which offer approximately 50 undergraduate degree programmes and over 100 graduate programmes.

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Leiden University offers more than 100 graduate programs leading to either MA, MSc, MPhil, or LLM degrees.

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Leiden University has more than 50 research and graduate schools and institutes.

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Literary historian Frits van Oostrom was the first professor of Leiden University to be granted the Spinoza award for his work on developing the NLCM centre into a top research centre.

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Nobel laureates associated with Leiden University include: the physicists Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi and Paul Ehrenfest.

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