15 Facts About MPhil


In Belgium and the Netherlands, the MPhil is a special research degree, and is only awarded by selected departments of a university.

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MPhil is offered at some Canadian universities as a two-year degree involving coursework, examinations, and practice at academic writing.

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In Malaysia, the MPhil degree is commonly offered in a number of older and more-established universities in Malaysia, including the University of Malaya, Multimedia University, Wawasan Open University, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Monash University Sunway Campus and Curtin Malaysia Campus.

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In most cases, the MPhil is largely a research degree, with only a minor taught component.

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MPhil is normally regarded as a more prestigious master's degree than typical taught master's degrees such as the MA, MSc or MEng.

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In November 2012, the Malaysian Qualifications Agency issued programme standards for postgraduate studies in which MPhil is attributed to Master programme by research and mixed mode.

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In Norway, the degree of MPhil was a master's degree at a level equivalent to an MA or MSc However, unlike a standard MA or MSc, which have a thesis worth 60 ECTS, the MPhil has a research workload of up to 180 ECTS.

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MPhil degree was considered to be equivalent to US and UK PhD degrees and from the early 1900s the PhD established itself as the usual translation of Danish and Norwegian master's degrees into English.

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In Pakistan, the MPhil is one of the most advanced master's degrees offered by public and private universities in several different fields of study.

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The degree of MPhil served as a requirement to gain admission into a Doctoral program in Pakistan until early-2021.

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In Spain, the MPhil degree is equivalent to the Diploma de Estudios Avanzados, or DEA.

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In most UK universities, the MPhil is a research degree.

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The completion of an MPhil typically requires two years of full-time and the submission of coursework and a thesis comprising a body of original research undertaken by the candidate.

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At Oxford University, the MPhil is usually a two-year master's degree, although some programs are one-year.

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The MPhil requires a lengthy thesis and more examinations than a one-year master's degree.

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