7 Facts About Liberty University

1. In December 2010, Liberty University sold $120 million in facilities bonds, with the proceeds to be used to finance future expansion.

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2. In 2012 Liberty University became the first Big South school to win 5 consecutive Sasser Cups.

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3. In 2015 Liberty University revised the code to give students the freedom to watch rated "R" movies and to play video games rated "M".

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4. In 2017 Liberty University announced its new Center for Law and Government will be led by former US Representative Robert Hurt.

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5. In 2016, Liberty University announced a new 78,000-square-foot, three-story academic building.

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6. Additionally, in 2010, Liberty University opened the Osborne Assistive Learning Technology Center in the A Pierre Guillermin Library, which is a learning and testing center for special needs students.

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7. On September 24, 2010, Liberty University opened the Tower Theater, with seating for up to 640 people.

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