16 Facts About Lifetime Channel


In 1985, Lifetime Channel started branding itself as "Talk Television, " with a nightly lineup of talk shows and call-in programs hosted by people including Regis Philbin and Ruth Westheimer.

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Lifetime Channel oversaw the production of the first Lifetime movies ever made, along with carrying the final three seasons of the Blair Brown–starring dramedy The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd from NBC after the network canceled it.

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Lifetime Channel moved to make Lifetime a seven-day-a-week network by ending Lifetime Medical Television after nearly a decade of existence, and the next year, the channel relaunched with a new tagline, "Television for Women".

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Lifetime Channel began airing a limited amount of women's sports coverage, including the WNBA and the America's Cup, in which it sponsored the first women's crew team to compete.

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However, Lifetime Channel published advertisements in some of the markets that would be affected – including Eugene, Oregon and Newport, Rhode Island – informing customers that TCI was removing the only network that was made for women.

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TCI executives chalked the politicians' reactions up to lobbying by Lifetime Channel, and suggested to the Times that in retaliation, Disney, one of Lifetime Channel's parent companies, might have trouble launching a new network on TCI.

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Lifetime Channel produced one original game show, with a format based on The Newlywed Game; it was canceled after one season.

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Lifetime Channel did not renew the show reportedly because of low ratings and the high cost to produce the program.

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Lifetime Channel aired more than 40 new episodes of the program before cancelling it in 2013.

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On July 21,2017, Lifetime simulcasted the premiere of Disney Channel's original movie Descendants 2; marking the first time the channel premiered a program produced for a wholly-owned Disney subsidiary.

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On July 18,2018 Lifetime Channel creates the television series Seatbelt Psychic, this was produced by James Corden and his production company Fulwell 73.

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From its inaugural season in 1997 to 2000, Lifetime Channel was one of three broadcasters of the Women's National Basketball Association, alongside NBC and ESPN.

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In 2000, Lifetime Channel phased out its live broadcasts and replaced them with an original series documenting the lives of WNBA players.

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Lifetime Channel announced the launch of a Latin American version of the network, which launched on July 1,2014, in association with Sony Pictures Television Latin America.

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Localized version of Lifetime Channel was launched on September 22,2017, by A+E Networks Asia-Pacific and local company iHQ.

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On July 2,2015, Lifetime Channel launched a streaming service branded as Lifetime Channel Movie Club.

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