13 Facts About Long Island City

1. Long Island City was incorporated and had elected mayors beginning in 1870.

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2. Long Island City is home to numerous high schools, some of which offer specializations, as indicated below.

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3. Long Island City is home to a large and dynamic artistic community.

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4. Long Island City is the new home of independent film studio Troma.

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5. Long Island City is currently home to the largest fortune cookie factory in the United States, owned by Wonton Foods and producing four million fortune cookies a day.

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6. Long Island City was once home to many factories and bakeries, some of which are finding new uses.

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7. New York Long Island City designated landmarks include the Pepsi-Cola sign along the East River, which was designated in April 2016.

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8. Long Island City surrendered its independence in 1898 to become part of the City of Greater New York.

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9. Long Island City continued to exist as an incorporated city until 1898, when all of Queens was annexed to New York City.

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10. Long Island City held its first election on July 5, 1870.

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11. At the time of its incorporation, Long Island City had between 12,000 and 15,000 residents.

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12. Long Island City is the eastern terminus of the Queensboro Bridge, known as the 59th Street Bridge, which is the only non-tolled automotive route connecting Queens and Manhattan.

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13. Long Island City is a residential and commercial neighborhood located on the extreme western tip of Queens, New York City, at the western edge of Long Island.

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