35 Facts About Lord Attenborough

1. Lord Attenborough is listed as an Honorary Fellow of Bangor University for his continued efforts to film making.

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2. Lord Attenborough directed the screen version of the hit Broadway musical, "A Chorus Line"), and the apartheid drama, Cry Freedom (1987), based on the experiences of Donald Woods.

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3. In 2008, Lord Attenborough was admitted to hospital for hearth related problems and received a pacemaker.

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4. Lord Attenborough was the President of the Muscular Dystrophy campaign and in 2004 became the organizations Honorary Life President.

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5. In 1982, Lord Attenborough won the Academy Award for Best Director for his historical epic Gandhi.

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6. Lord Attenborough formed his production company Beaver Films in the late 1950s.

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7. Lord Attenborough starred in films such as London Belongs to Me and Morning Departure.

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8. Lord Attenborough began his career as an actor before going to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

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9. Lord Attenborough appeared in the propaganda film Journey Together in 1943.

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10. Lord Attenborough survived a stroke in 2008 from which he never fully recovered.

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11. Lord Attenborough had two other children, Michael and Charlotte (born 29 June 1959).

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12. Lord Attenborough is portrayed by Eric Idle as effusive and simpering.

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13. Lord Attenborough headed a committee awarding the Attenborough Prize, a £2,000 annual arts prize celebrating creativity by emerging artists.

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14. Lord Attenborough was an Honorary Fellow of Bangor University for his contributions to film making.

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15. On 20 November 2008, Lord Attenborough was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Drama from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

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16. Lord Attenborough was awarded France's most distinguished award, the Legion d'Honeur and the Oliver Tambo Award by the South African government 'for his contribution to the struggle against apartheid'.

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17. Lord Attenborough requested that his ashes be interred in a vault at St Mary Magdalene church in Richmond beside those of his daughter Jane Holland and his granddaughter, Lucy, both of whom had died in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

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18. Lord Attenborough died on 24 August 2014, five days before his 91st birthday.

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19. Lord Attenborough added that "he won't be making any more films.

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20. Lord Attenborough publicly endorsed the Labour Party in the 2005 General Election, despite his opposition to the Iraq War.

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21. Lord Attenborough married actress Sheila Sim in Kensington on 22 January 1945.

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22. Lord Attenborough said in an interview in 2006 that "I could understand him.

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23. Lord Attenborough had a lifelong ambition to make a film about his hero the political theorist and revolutionary Thomas Paine, whom he called "one of the finest men that ever lived".

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24. Lord Attenborough was head of the consortium Dragon International Film Studios, which was constructing a film and television studio complex in Llanilid, Wales, nicknamed "Valleywood".

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25. Lord Attenborough was elected to the post of Chancellor of the University of Sussex on 20 March 1998, replacing The Duke of Richmond and Gordon.

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26. Lord Attenborough founded The Richard Attenborough Arts Centre on the Leicester University campus in 1997, specifically designed to provide access for the disabled, in particular as practitioners.

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27. Lord Attenborough founded the Jane Holland Creative Centre for Learning at Waterford Kamhlaba in Swaziland in memory of his daughter who died in the tsunami on 26 December 2004.

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28. Lord Attenborough was the patron of the United World Colleges movement, whereby he contributed to the colleges that are part of the organisation.

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29. Lord Attenborough directed the screen version of the musical A Chorus Line and the anti-apartheid drama Cry Freedom (1987).

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30. Lord Attenborough won the 1982 Academy Award for Best Director for his historical epic Gandhi, and as the film's producer, the Academy Award for Best Picture; the same film garnered two Golden Globes, this time for Best Director and Best Foreign Film, in 1983.

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31. Lord Attenborough starred in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street as Kris Kringle.

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32. Lord Attenborough worked prolifically in British films for the next 30 years, including in the 1950s, appearing in several successful comedies for John and Roy Boulting, such as Private's Progress and I'm All Right Jack (1959).

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33. Early in his stage career, Lord Attenborough starred in the West End production of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, which went on to become the world's longest running stage production.

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34. Lord Attenborough was the older brother of Sir David Attenborough, a naturalist, documenter, and broadcaster, and John Attenborough, an executive at Alfa Romeo.

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35. Lord Attenborough joined the Royal Air Force during World War II and served in the film unit.

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