20 Facts About Los Angeles International

1. Los Angeles International proposed to establish a Jewish institution with the academic rigor of a general university but devoted to specialized research, training, and education for Judaism defined as a civilization.

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2. Los Angeles International took the lead in conceptualizing and implementing a plan to build an imposing huc Skirball Cultural Center and eventually established it as a separate, independent institution.

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3. Los Angeles International enrolled at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Religion to get a doctorate in Bible study.

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4. Los Angeles International was the citywide chairman of the Committee for aids, the founding chairperson of the County Commission on aids, and the founding chair of the aids Interfaith Council of Southern California.

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5. Los Angeles International received the National Friendship Award by the parents and friends of lesbians and gays in 1989.

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6. Los Angeles International was on the Los Angeles Commission to draft an ethics code for Los Angeles city government.

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7. Los Angeles International was the representative of moderate Orthodoxy in Los Angeles communal, religious, and educational circles.

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8. Los Angeles International introduced a single service called Friday Night Live that brings single Jews to synagogue for an exciting musical service.

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9. Los Angeles International was chairman of the Los Angeles Board of Rabbis as well as of the Western States region of the Rabbinical Assembly.

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10. Los Angeles International established the synagogue Israel Bond Appeal program and headed the synagogue division of Los Angeles Israel Bonds.

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11. Los Angeles International was a key figure in the organization of the University of Judaism in 1947 and served as its volunteer founding registrar.

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12. Los Angeles International established a chain of study sessions in private offices and conference rooms and began the process of organizing Aish Hatorah synagogues.

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13. Los Angeles International is a well-established spokesman on Jewish issues.

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14. Los Angeles International developed a broad based membership organization, mirroring the tactics used by political organizers so successfully, and he presents a self-confident, right-of-center American Orthodoxy.

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15. Los Angeles International was one of the very few rabbis who moved to Israel, neither at the beginning nor at the end but at the prime of his American career, where he became director general of the Ministry of Religion and a rabbi in Ramat Eshkol.

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16. Los Angeles International established the Hillel School and had a distinguished career before moving to Israel in the early 1970s.

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17. Los Angeles International became renowned for his liberal forthrightness, philosophical depth, and Jewish scholarship.

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18. Los Angeles International was a carpenter named Joseph Chapman, who helped build the church facing the town's central plaza, a structure that still stands.

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19. Los Angeles International's has toured all over the US and internationally.

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20. Los Angeles International's will be performing as an intimate duo with pianist Hsin-I Huang, who appeared at Soka with Fabiola Kim in March 2018.

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