18 Facts About Los Angeles Metro

1. Los Angeles Metro has worked over the past several years to plan and prioritize project funding and implementation.

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2. Los Angeles Metro has implemented a system of electronic fare collection using a stored value smartcard called the Transit Access Pass.

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3. Los Angeles Metro warns riders on the Green Line to prepare for longer commute times.

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4. Los Angeles Metro Bus and municipal operators will continue servicing the six stations to be closed during the two weeks of work.

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5. Los Angeles Metro bus shuttles will replace rail service between the Crenshaw station and Redondo Beach station and all stations in between.

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6. Los Angeles Metro plans to open a station at 96th Street and Aviation Boulevard that will serve as a transfer point to a smaller, automated train system.

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7. Los Angeles Metro has a project list including all current projects being pursued in Los Angeles County, as well as an interactive map.

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8. Los Angeles Metro is planning an extension of the Gold Line into the San Gabriel Valley to the San Bernardino County border city of Montclair.

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9. In 2015, Los Angeles Metro studied renaming its rail and bus rapid transit lines using a letter-based scheme.

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10. Los Angeles Metro has chosen not to appeal the ruling and began implementation on all Rapid routes in June 2006.

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11. Los Angeles Metro has expanded its Los Angeles Metro Rapid bus system with a goal of 28 lines since 2008.

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12. In May 2009 Los Angeles Metro started to set up a Multi Mobility Working Group, which may lead to a change in TDM funding for bicycle projects as detailed in a separate entry on bicycle transportation planning in Los Angeles.

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13. Los Angeles Metro released a study detailing the empirically founded impact of their green initiatives.

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14. Los Angeles Metro has retired all diesel buses and became an entirely clean-air fleet in January 2011.

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15. Los Angeles Metro operates two transitways that carry multiple bus routes for part of their trips through Southern California.

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16. Los Angeles Metro Express buses used to be painted in a dark blue color which the agency had formerly dubbed "Business Blue", with routes designed as premium, minimal stop services along Los Angeles's extensive freeway network.

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17. Los Angeles Metro operates two types of bus services which are distinguished by the color of the buses.

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18. Los Angeles Metro directly operates bus, light rail, heavy rail and bus rapid transit services.

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