43 Facts About Madden NFL


Madden NFL is an American football video game series developed by EA Tiburon for EA Sports.

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Madden NFL knew nothing about computers beyond his telestrator but agreed; he had taught a class at the University of California, Berkeley, called "Football for Fans", and envisioned the program as a tool for teaching and testing plays.

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EA likely expected Madden NFL to endorse the game without participating in its design.

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Early plans envisioned six or seven players per team because of technical limitations but Madden NFL insisted on having 11 players, stating "I'm not putting my name on it if it's not real".

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The project became known within the company as "Trip's Folly", and Madden NFL—who had received $100,000 advance against royalties that EA's outside auditors advised to write off because it would never be recouped—believed at times that EA had given up.

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Park Place had developed ABC Monday Night Football with "arcade-style, action-heavy" game play, and its Madden NFL emphasized hyperreality compared to the computer version's focus on exact simulation.

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Early versions of Madden NFL were created by external development studios such as Bethesda, Visual Concepts, and Stormfront Studios.

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In 1998 Electronic Arts added "Franchise Mode" to Madden NFL, giving players the ability to play multiple seasons, make off-season draft picks, and trade players.

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Madden NFL 2000 was the first Madden to have a play editor, arcade mode, and the Madden Challenge.

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Madden NFL 2001 featured a segment called "Great Games" where one would be put in a situation where they control one team and would have to win the game with a set amount of time.

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Madden NFL 2002 featured for the first time Create-A-Team where one would make a team and play with that team in either Play Now or Franchise mode.

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Online play, which was a new feature for Madden NFL 2003 was only available for users of the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox console, or a Microsoft Windows PC until early 2004.

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Madden NFL 09 was the first of the series to offer online, league game play, allowing up to 32 players to compete in an online, simulated NFL season.

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The Madden NFL IQ is used to automatically gauge your skills through a series of mini-games consisting of run offense, pass offense, run defense, and pass defense.

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The final Madden NFL IQ is a mixture of those scores which is used to control the game's difficulty.

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Madden NFL 11 was released on July 27,2010, and features New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on the cover.

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Madden NFL 13 was released on August 28,2012, and features Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson as the cover athlete.

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Madden NFL 13 is the first Madden game to be released on the PlayStation Vita, and it is the first game in the series to have Kinect support as well as a new physics engine promoting real in game physics.

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Madden NFL 13 included a complete revamp to online franchise mode which became known as Connected Careers Mode.

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Madden NFL 19 was announced with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown as the cover athlete.

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Madden NFL 20 was announced with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the cover athlete.

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Madden NFL 22 was announced with both Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the cover athletes.

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Madden NFL 23 was announced with head coach John Madden as the cover star on Madden Day in honor of his death on December 28,2021.

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The cover of the next gen version is a picture of Madden NFL celebrating his victory as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders at Super Bowl XI.

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The All Madden NFL Edition is based on the cover of the series' 1st installment, John Madden NFL Football, made by Chuck Styles.

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Until 1993, the Madden series did not have official licenses from the National Football League or National Football League Players Association.

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Madden NFL '94 was the first game in the series to include real NFL teams, and Madden NFL '95 added an NFLPA license for real players through the National Football League Players Incorporated.

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Mike Mika, who was working on Madden NFL 2K, described the agreement as "like a nuclear bomb going off in the game industry", canceling rival Madden NFL projects.

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In 2020 the Madden NFL extended its exclusive rights with EA which were due to expire in 2022, which changed to until 2026 for a reported $1.

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Madden NFL Social was an early version of Madden NFL Mobile for Facebook and iOS that was released November 1,2012 and shut down September 2,2013.

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Madden NFL Mobile was released on August 26,2014, and is only the third Madden game on mobile devices.

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Madden NFL Football was released as a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS on March 27,2011.

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Voice commentary in Madden NFL allows players or watchers to hear the game being called as if it were a real game on TV.

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Madden NFL 09 was the last version to feature Madden's commentary, albeit in a reduced role.

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Madden NFL 13 marked the debut of real-life announcing team Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, including them appearing in an in-booth cutscene before the game.

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Madden NFL received an estimated $2 to 3 million each year for his endorsement but describes himself as "never a good player" of Madden and prefers to watch others play.

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Madden NFL brings up concussions, helmet-to-helmet hits and gimmick quarterbacks.

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Coaches and players at all levels of the sport such as K J Wright and Joe Brady say that Madden has influenced them and recommend the game to learn football strategy and tactics, practice plays and assignments, and simulate opponents.

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Young players who grew up with Madden NFL reportedly understand plays better than those who did not.

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Football broadcasts on television use Madden-like visual cues to more closely resemble it, and the NFL considers the series its "33rd franchise" because each week during the season EA Sports receives the same searchable film database of every play that each of the league's 32 teams do.

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Some reviews of recent Madden NFL games have criticized the series for not evolving and not making changes to the series and saying older iterations of the series are better games.

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Injuries that Madden NFL cover athletes experience can be attributed to the physical nature of football.

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Concurrently, ESPN hosted a separate series of competitions called Madden NFL Nation, which was a reality television show that chronicled a cross-country trip to crown the best Madden NFL player in the United States and aired from 2005 to 2008.

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