14 Facts About Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a professional American football team based in Tampa, Florida.

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2. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference (NFC) South division.

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3. About three weeks after firing Raheem Morris, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Greg Schiano from Rutgers as the new head coach.

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4. On January 1, 2014, Lovie Smith was hired as the new head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, replacing Greg Schiano.

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5. In December 2014, a report surfaced that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used homeless people to sell beer and did not pay them.

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6. Thus, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first team in NFL history to play in and win a Super Bowl that was held at its home stadium.

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7. In 19 total games in 2002, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recorded 40 interceptions, 53 sacks, and 9 defensive touchdowns.

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8. David and White were the teams' leaders, Barrett led the team, and the league, in sacks with 19.5, and the 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished No 1 in the league in run defense.

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9. Shortly after the franchise was awarded, in February 1975 the team name of "Tampa Bay Buccaneers" was selected, along with proposed team colors of green, orange and white.

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10. In 1992, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers introduced orange pants to be worn with the white jerseys.

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11. In 1989, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers started to wear white at home to accommodate Vinny Testaverde's color blindness.

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12. In 2015, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers debuted a Color Rush uniform featuring red jerseys and red trousers, with pewter numerals.

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13. The rivalry would return in the early 2020s when the two teams meet in January of 2022 when Tampa Bay Buccaneers knocked Philly out of the playoffs.

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14. The first meeting between these two franchises first occurred in 1977 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Saints and ended their 26 game straight losing streak.

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