27 Facts About Philadelphia Eagles

1. The Philadelphia Eagles are at the midpoint of their 2018 season.

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2. The Philadelphia Eagles are halfway through their up-and-down 2018 season.

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3. The Philadelphia Eagles scored five tries to one in a scrappy test against a depleted Oaks side at Ghencea Stadium.

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4. Philadelphia Eagles will wear home jerseys in New Orleans because Saints coach Sean Payton lost a golf bet.

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5. In a corresponding move, the Philadelphia Eagles placed Darby on injured reserve.

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6. The Philadelphia Eagles had until 4 pm EST to activate Jernigan for Sunday's game against the.

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7. The Philadelphia Eagles will be wearing their home green uniforms in New Orleans on Sunday for their matchup against the Saints, as Sean.

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8. On one occasion the Philadelphia Eagles wore white at home after October in a meeting against the Dallas Cowboys on November 4, 2007 to make the Cowboys wear their road blue jerseys.

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9. Since then, the Philadelphia Eagles have only worn the black jerseys with the white pants.

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10. The Philadelphia Eagles rallied back and scored an 11-yard touchdown to tight end Zach Ertz.

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11. The Philadelphia Eagles scored 51 points against the league's best defense, and entered their bye week with the best record in the league.

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12. The move immediately paid dividends for the Philadelphia Eagles heading into their next game versus the Denver Broncos, as Ajayi rushed for 77 yards on just eight attempts including a 46-yard touchdown near the end of the second quarter.

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13. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Derek Barnett with the 14th overall pick.

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14. At the end of the 2015 season, the Philadelphia Eagles had the 13th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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15. Philadelphia Eagles hired Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson as their next head coach on January 18, 2016.

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16. The Philadelphia Eagles held the divisional title from week one to week 15 against the Cowboys.

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17. Philadelphia Eagles opened the 2014 season winning their first three games and making NFL history as the only team ever to trail by ten or more points in their first three games and come back to win.

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18. The Philadelphia Eagles named Michael Vick starting quarterback going into the 2013 season with much promise running Chip Kelly's fast-paced spread offense.

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19. In 1999, the Philadelphia Eagles hired head coach Andy Reid and drafted quarterback Donovan McNabb.

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20. Philadelphia Eagles had a decent 1961 season and then fell on hard times in 1962.

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21. In 1960, the Philadelphia Eagles won their third NFL championship, under the leadership of future Pro Football Hall of Famers Norm Van Brocklin and Chuck Bednarik; the head coach was Buck Shaw.

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22. Philadelphia Eagles struggled over the course of their first decade, enduring repeated losing seasons.

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23. In 1937, the Philadelphia Eagles moved to Shibe Park and played their home games at the stadium through 1957, except for the 1941 season, which was played at Municipal Stadium, where they had played from 1936 to 1939.

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24. Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football franchise based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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25. The Philadelphia Eagles decided not to trade for a running back before the deadline.

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26. The Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles made big trade deadline deals, improving their teams and setting off discussions on who got the better end of their respective deals.

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27. The Philadelphia Eagles officially announced a minor roster move on the Friday during their bye week.

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