89 Facts About Los Angeles Rams


Los Angeles Rams are a professional American football team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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The Rams compete in the National Football League as a member of the National Football Conference West division.

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Cleveland Los Angeles Rams were founded in 1936 by Ohio attorney Homer Marshman and player-coach Damon Wetzel, a former Ohio State star who played briefly for the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Los Angeles Rams joined the National Football League on February 12,1937, and were assigned to the Western Division.

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The Los Angeles Rams would be the fourth in a string of short-lived teams based in Cleveland, following the Cleveland Tigers, Cleveland Bulldogs, and Cleveland Indians.

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Los Angeles Rams threatened to end his relationship with the NFL and get out of the professional football business altogether unless the transfer to Los Angeles was permitted.

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The Los Angeles Rams were advised that a precondition to them getting a lease was that they would have to integrate the team with at least one African-American; the Los Angeles Rams agreed.

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The Los Angeles Rams added a second black player, Woody Strode, on May 7,1946, giving them two black players going into the 1946 season.

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Reeves was taking a gamble that Los Angeles was ready for its own professional football team—and suddenly there were two in the City of Angels.

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Reeves was proven to be correct when the Los Angeles Rams played their first pre-season game against the Washington Redskins in front of a crowd of 95,000 fans.

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In 1948, halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on the Los Angeles Rams' helmets, making the first helmet emblem in pro football.

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The popularity of this wide-open offense enabled the Los Angeles Rams to become the first pro football team to have all their games televised in 1950.

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In 1957, the Los Angeles Rams set the all-time NFL attendance record that stood until 2006 and broke the 100,000 mark twice during the 1958 campaign.

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In each of those two years, the L A Rams drew roughly double the number of fans that could be accommodated by their current stadium for a full season.

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Los Angeles Rams was voted the MVP of the NFL in 1969, for a season in which he threw for 2,549 yards and 24 TDs while leading the Rams to the playoffs.

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The Los Angeles Rams remained solid contenders in the 1970s, winning seven straight NFC West championships between 1973 and 1979.

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Los Angeles Rams's teams featured unremarkable offenses carried into the playoffs annually by elite defensive units.

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Los Angeles Rams's toughness was legendary, notably playing on a broken leg during the Rams' run to the 1980 Super Bowl.

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Under Zampese, the Los Angeles Rams rose steadily from 28th rated offense in 1986 to 3rd in 1990.

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The late 1980s Los Angeles Rams featured a gifted young quarterback in Jim Everett, a solid rushing attack and a fleet of talented wide receivers led by Henry Ellard and Flipper Anderson.

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Los Angeles won the first five games of 1989, including a sensational defeat of the defending champion 49ers.

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Los Angeles Rams's run-oriented offense marked the end of the Zampese tenure in 1993.

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The Los Angeles Rams finished last in the NFC West during all three years of Knox's second stint.

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The Los Angeles Rams have 50 years of history and the last 5 or so years of difficult times can be corrected.

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That same year, the Los Angeles Rams traded up in the 1997 NFL draft to select future All-Pro offensive tackle, Orlando Pace.

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Martz helped the Los Angeles Rams establish a pass-first identity that posted an NFL record number of points over the course of three seasons.

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However, in the first round in the 2004 draft, the Los Angeles Rams chose Oregon State running back Steven Jackson as the 24th pick of the draft.

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Los Angeles Rams often feuded with several players as well as team president and general manager, Jay Zygmunt.

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In spite of his success as defensive coordinator with the Giants, Spagnuolo's first season as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams was disappointing as the team won only once in 16 attempts.

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Bradford started all 16 games for the Los Angeles Rams after earning the starting position during the preseason.

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Los Angeles Rams received 44 out of 50 possible votes from the nationwide panel of media members.

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Under the terms of the lease that the Los Angeles Rams signed in St Louis, the Edward Jones Dome was required to be ranked in the top tier of NFL stadiums through the 2015 season.

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The Los Angeles Rams were free to break the lease and either move without penalty or continue to lease the dome on a year-to-year basis.

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On March 10,2015, the Los Angeles Rams traded starting quarterback Sam Bradford and a 2015 fifth-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Eagles' quarterback Nick Foles, a 2015 fourth-round pick, and a second-round pick in 2016.

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The Los Angeles Rams were the first major league sports team to move since 2011 when the National Hockey League's Atlanta Thrashers left Atlanta and became the new Winnipeg Jets.

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On February 4,2016, the Los Angeles Rams selected Oxnard to be the site of their minicamp, off-season team activities, and off-season program that began on April 18.

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The Los Angeles Rams paid for two practice fields, paved parking, and modular buildings constructed on the northwestern corner of the campus.

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In June 2016, it was reported that the Los Angeles Rams had sold 63,000 season tickets, which was short of their goal of 70,000.

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In July 2016, the Los Angeles Rams signed a three-year agreement with UC Irvine to use the university's facilities for training camp, with an option to extend it to two more years.

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However, the Los Angeles Rams became a quick surprise in the NFL when they won their next four games in a row, including blowouts of the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants.

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The Los Angeles Rams then signed Cooks and running back Todd Gurley to five-year extensions, and offensive tackle Rob Havenstein to a four-year extension.

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The Los Angeles Rams ended their off-season by signing defensive tackle Aaron Donald to a six-year contract worth $135 million.

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Los Angeles then went three-for-three on the road with wins at Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco.

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The Rams were the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL in 2018 until losing on the road to the New Orleans Saints in Week 9 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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Los Angeles stumbled with back-to-back losses to the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles, and in the latter of those two games, franchise running back Todd Gurley suffered a leg injury that later led to inflammation, forcing him to miss the Rams' final two regular-season games, but the team finished strong with victories over the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers to clinch a first-round bye.

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Los Angeles did however make notable acquisitions during free agency, including linebacker Clay Matthews and safety Eric Weddle.

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Los Angeles then won their third straight game, a tight battle with the Cleveland Browns, though quarterback Jared Goff seemed to struggle.

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The Los Angeles Rams then met the divisional rival Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, in what was another extremely tight game which saw Clay Matthews flagged for a controversial roughing the passer penalty on Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, which kept Seattle's eventual winning drive alive.

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In free agency, the Los Angeles Rams chose to release Todd Gurley after his lackluster 2019, where he finished with career-lows in touchdowns and rushing yards after being significantly limited by his knee injury.

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The Los Angeles Rams traded Brandin Cooks, who, due to recurring concussion issues, missed multiple games the previous year.

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Los Angeles went down by 13 points before scoring, and crucial mistakes from Goff as well as strong performances from the Jets defense put the game too far out of reach for the Rams offense.

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At this point in the season, many had suggested that the Los Angeles Rams needed to replace the turnover-prone Goff at quarterback, and calling the otherwise stellar team "a quarterback away" from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

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The Los Angeles Rams added more depth at wide receiver, signing free agent DeSean Jackson and drafting Tutu Atwell.

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The Los Angeles Rams opened their 2021 season on Sunday Night Football against the Chicago Bears.

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Shortly after, with just over one minute remaining, Donald tackled 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo mid-throw, and his desperate pass was picked off by Travin Howard, allowing the Los Angeles Rams to reach Super Bowl LVI, where they would face the Cincinnati Bengals.

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However, the Los Angeles Rams were designated as the away team, as in even-numbered years, the AFC is designated as the home team.

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The Los Angeles Rams made a move at wide receiver near the start of free agency, signing free agent and former Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears wideout Allen Robinson to a three-year deal.

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Shortly before the Woods trade, the Los Angeles Rams extended quarterback Matthew Stafford on a four-year deal.

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The Rams lost Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills in free agency, though eventually filled the hole by signing free agent linebacker and former division rival Bobby Wagner to a five-year deal.

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The 49ers and Los Angeles Rams are the only two teams who have been a part of the NFC West since it was formed in 1970.

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Much of the intensity waned as the Los Angeles Rams declined in competition throughout the 2000s and early 2010s, but several notable matchups between the two clubs would still occur.

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One of the oldest matchups for the Cardinals as both teams first met during the 1937 NFL Season whilst the Los Angeles Rams played in Cleveland, and the Cardinals were still originally located in Chicago.

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Los Angeles Rams were the first NFL team to have a logo on their helmets.

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In 1949 the team adopted plastic helmets, and the Los Angeles Rams' horns were rendered by the Riddell company of Des Plaines, Illinois, which baked a painted design into the helmet at its factory.

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The Los Angeles Rams continued to wear their golden jerseys for 1957 road games, but the following year adopted a white jersey with blue numerals and stripes.

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From 1964 to early 1972 the Los Angeles Rams wore white jerseys for every home league game and exhibition, at one point not wearing their blue jerseys at all from the 10th game of 1967 through the 1971 opener, a stretch of 48 games; it was a tradition that continued under coaches Harland Svare, George Allen, and Tommy Prothro.

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From 1973 to 1976 the Los Angeles Rams were the only team to wear white cleats on the road and royal blue cleats at home; since 1977, they have worn white ones.

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The Los Angeles Rams primarily wore blue at home with this combination, but after 1977 occasionally wore white at home.

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The Los Angeles Rams wore white jerseys exclusively in the 1982 and 1993 seasons, as well as other selected occasions throughout their 15 seasons in Anaheim.

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Blue pants and white pants with a small gold stripe were an option with the Los Angeles Rams electing to wear the white set in a pre-season game in San Diego in 2001.

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In 2003, the Rams wore blue pants with their white jerseys for a pair of early-season games, but after losses to the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks, the Rams reverted to gold pants with their white jerseys.

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In 2005, the Los Angeles Rams wore the blue pants at home against Arizona and on the road against Dallas.

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In 2008, the Los Angeles Rams did away with the gold pants after they were used for only one regular-season game at Seattle.

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The Los Angeles Rams ceased wearing the New Century gold pants after Nike took over as the NFL's uniform supplier in 2012.

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On October 21,2012, the Los Angeles Rams wore white jerseys and white pants against the Green Bay Packers.

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The Los Angeles Rams wore the throwback uniforms for two home games in 2009, on October 11 against the Minnesota Vikings and on December 20 against the Houston Texans.

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In 1994, the team's last season in Southern California, the Los Angeles Rams wore jerseys and pants replicating those of their 1951 championship season for their September games with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Los Angeles Rams announced a fan vote via Twitter to decide which two home games they would wear throwback uniforms.

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On March 23,2020, the Los Angeles Rams officially unveiled a new logo set and color scheme.

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Los Angeles Rams officially revealed the club's new uniform designs on May 13,2020.

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Later the Los Angeles Rams wore three additional combinations: blue jerseys and bone grey pants, bone grey jerseys and blue pants and bone grey jerseys and yellow pants.

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The Los Angeles Rams chose the white alternates with yellow pants as their Super Bowl LVI uniform.

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On July 30,2022, the Los Angeles Rams announced that the white uniform would supplant the bone uniform as its primary road uniform.

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The Los Angeles Rams appeared in the postseason in four of the five last seasons, including a Super Bowl championship in the 2021 NFL season and an appearance in the Super Bowl–the first since 2001–after the 2018 NFL season.

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Recent notable honors with current members of the Los Angeles Rams include NFL Coach of the Year in 2017 for Sean McVay, Super Bowl MVP for Cooper Kupp in 2021, and NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2017,2018, and 2020 for Aaron Donald.

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Three other figures associated with the Los Angeles Rams are members of the Hall of Fame, but were elected more on the basis of their accomplishments outside the Los Angeles Rams:.

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Former Los Angeles Rams were included in the St Louis Football Ring of Fame, which was located in The Dome at America's Center.

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Los Angeles Rams were the first NFL team to televise their home games; in a sponsorship arrangement with Admiral television, all home games of the 1950 NFL season were shown locally.

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On July 19,2016, the Los Angeles Rams announced that they had reached an agreement with KWKW for Spanish-language coverage of the team.

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