34 Facts About Kansas City Chiefs

1. Kansas City Chiefsbrought the team from Dallas to Kansas City in 1963.

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2. The Kansas City Chiefs are big timers in 2018 and as a result, Patrick Mahomes wound up on the cover of Sports Illustrated, which has some fans up in arms.

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3. The Kansas City Chiefs announced a roster move Saturday, waiving defensive back Josh Shaw after just over six weeks with the team.

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4. The Kansas City Chiefs were off Tuesday and Wednesday, giving Mahomes time to spend with family.

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5. Kansas City Chiefs will visit Rams in what could be the game of the year.

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6. The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in the rare role of underdog this Monday night when they visit the Los Angeles Rams.

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7. Kansas City Chiefs fans carry on a tradition that began at Florida State University in the mid 1980s by using the Seminole WarChant as a rallying cry during key moments in their football games.

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8. The Kansas City Chiefs averaged 77,300 fans per game from 1996 to 2006, second in the NFL behind the Washington Redskins.

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9. On June 22, 2017, it was announced that the Kansas City Chiefs had fired Dorsey.

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10. On January 5, 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs hired Andy Reid to be their next head coach.

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11. The Kansas City Chiefs have the second-most enshrinees of any NFL team in their team Hall of Fame behind the Green Bay Packers, who have enshrined over 100 players and team contributors over the years in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

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12. Kansas City Chiefs are one of 16 organizations that honor their players, coaches and contributors with a team Hall of Fame or Ring of Honor.

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13. The Kansas City Chiefs have 3 contributors, 2 coaches, and 15 players in the Hall of Fame.

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14. Kansas City Chiefs have employed a cheerleading squad since the team's inception in 1960.

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15. Kansas City Chiefs fans have reclaimed the record ; on September 29, 2014, on Monday Night Football against the New England Patriots, the fans recorded a sound reading of 142.2 decibels.

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16. The only other time the Kansas City Chiefs wore white at home was throughout the 1980 season under Marv Levy.

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17. Kansas City Chiefs wore their white jerseys with white pants at home for the 2006 season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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18. The Kansas City Chiefs have never worn an alternate jersey in a game, although custom jerseys are sold for retail.

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19. Prior to September 15, 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs always wore white pants with their red jerseys.

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20. On January 1, 2017, the Kansas City Chiefs clinched the AFC West and the second seed going into the playoffs that year.

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21. The Kansas City Chiefs made a huge gamble by using the spread offense, as most in the NFL believe that it cannot work in professional football, and head coach Herman Edwards was traditionally in favor of more conservative, run-oriented game plans.

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22. The Kansas City Chiefs struggled off the field as much as on as tight end Tony Gonzalez demanded a trade and running back Larry Johnson was involved in legal trouble.

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23. The Kansas City Chiefs had a league-high thirteen selections in the 2008 NFL Draft and chose defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey and offensive lineman Branden Albert in the first round.

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24. Kansas City Chiefs began their 2008 season with the youngest team in the NFL.

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25. The Kansas City Chiefs honored their owner for the remainder of the season, as did the rest of the league.

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26. The Kansas City Chiefs selected tight end Tony Gonzalez with the 13th overall selection in the 1997 NFL Draft, a move which some considered to be a gamble being that Gonzalez was primarily a basketball player at California.

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27. In the 1988 and 1989 NFL Drafts, the Kansas City Chiefs selected both defensive end Neil Smith and linebacker Derrick Thomas, respectively.

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28. Kansas City Chiefs made a mistake in drafting quarterback Todd Blackledge over future greats such as Jim Kelly and Dan Marino in the 1983 NFL Draft.

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29. The Kansas City Chiefs would not return to the post-season for the remainder of the 1970s, and the 1973 season was the team's last winning effort for seven years.

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30. In 1972, the Kansas City Chiefs moved into the newly constructed Arrowhead Stadium at the Truman Sports Complex outside of Downtown Kansas City.

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31. In 1970, the Kansas City Chiefs won only seven games in their first season in the NFL and missed the playoffs.

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32. The Kansas City Chiefs were the second team, after the Green Bay Packers, to appear in more than one Super Bowl and the first to appear in the championship game in two different decades.

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33. The Kansas City Chiefs joined the NFL as a result of the merger in 1970.

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34. Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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