19 Facts About Medway


Medway is a unitary authority district and conurbation in Kent, South East England.

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The unitary authority was formed in 1998 when Rochester-upon-Medway amalgamated with the Borough of Gillingham to form Medway Towns.

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Medway is one of the boroughs included in the Thames Gateway development scheme.

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Medway includes parts of the North Kent Marshes, an environmentally significant wetlands region with several Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

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Medway area has a long and varied history dominated originally by the city of Rochester and later by the naval and military establishments principally in Chatham and Gillingham.

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In Medway there are 82 scheduled ancient monuments, 832 Listed buildings and 22 conservation areas.

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Medway never saw active service and has been restored and is preserved afloat in Dundee, Scotland.

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Medway was taking on coal from the airship base at Kingsnorth, on the Isle of Grain when an internal explosion ripped the ship apart.

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Medway was a 1,500-passenger liner built at Dumbarton in 1914 for Canadian Pacific.

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Population of Medway is projected to increase to around 300,000 by 2028 according to 2013 projections.

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Medway Council foresees total investment on development to be in excess of £1 billion over a 20-year period from 2006.

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In 2004, Medway Council announced its development strategy for the Medway Waterfront area.

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In 1979, the Borough of Medway was renamed as Rochester-upon-Medway, and in 1982 further letters patent transferred the city status to the entire borough.

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Medway applied for city status in the 2000 and 2002 competitions, but was unsuccessful.

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Medway Council made a further bid for city status in 2012, when three cities were afforded the honour as part of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee civic honours competition.

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Ultimately Medway was unsuccessful with the eventual winners being Chelmsford, Perth, and St Asaph.

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Medway operates a two-tier education system, with academic selection for admission to secondary schools determined by the Eleven plus exam.

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Medway is home to the third largest Home School population of children in the UK after the Isles of Scilly and Isle of Wight.

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The road to Grain was an accident black spot, this and increased traffic from the major port of Thamesport which is located to the north-west along the Medway Estuary prompted the construction of a new dual carriageway.

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