23 Facts About Canadian Pacific


Canadian Pacific Railway, known simply as CPR or Canadian Pacific and formerly as CP Rail, is a Canadian Class I railway incorporated in 1881.

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Together with the Canadian Confederation, the creation of the Canadian Pacific Railway was a task originally undertaken as the National Dream by the Conservative government of Prime Minister John A Macdonald .

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Canadian Pacific was helped by Alexander Tilloch Galt, who was the owner of the North Western Coal and Navigation Company.

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In 1873, John A Macdonald and other high-ranking politicians, bribed in the Pacific Scandal, granted federal contracts to Hugh Allan's Canada Pacific Railway Company rather than to David Lewis Macpherson's Inter-Ocean Railway Company which was thought to have connections to the American Northern Pacific Railway Company.

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The Canadian Pacific Railway began its westward expansion from Bonfield, Ontario, where the first spike was driven into a sunken railway tie.

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Canadian Pacific remained with the CPR for about a year after which he left the company.

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Canadian Pacific discovered the pass in April 1881 and, true to its word, the CPR named it "Rogers Pass" and gave him the cheque.

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Canadian Pacific later agreed to cash it with the promise of an engraved watch.

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In 1923, Henry Worth Thornton replaced David Blyth Hanna becoming the second president of the CNR, and his competition spurred Edward Wentworth Beatty, the first Canadian Pacific-born president of the CPR, to action.

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In 2001, the CPR's parent company, Canadian Pacific Limited, spun off its five subsidiaries, including the CPR, into independent companies.

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Shortly after the name revision, Canadian Pacific announced that it had committed to becoming a major sponsor and logistics provider to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

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In 2010, four repainted Canadian Pacific AC4400CWs were used in the filming of the movie Unstoppable.

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On 12 October 2014 it was reported that Canadian Pacific had tried to enter into a merger with American railway CSX, but was unsuccessful.

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Canadian Pacific filed a complaint against the U S DOJ and dropped their proposed proxy fight in the proposed merger with Norfolk Southern.

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On 8 December 2021, Canadian Pacific shareholders voted to approve the railway's proposed merger with Kansas City Southern.

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On 14 December 2021, Kansas City Southern's sale to Canadian Pacific was officially complete, allowing the KCS shares to be placed into a voting trust while the deal is reviewed by federal regulators.

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In October 2012, The Canadian Pacific was reduced to twice-weekly for the six-month off-season period, and currently operates three-times-weekly for only six months a year.

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Canadian Pacific Express Cartage Department was formed in March 1937 to handle pickup and delivery of most express shipments including less-than-carload freight.

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In 2008, Canadian Pacific partnered with the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to present a "Spirit Train" tour that featured Olympic-themed events at various stops.

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Canadian Pacific became a beached historical exhibit, as are the Sicamous and Naramata at Penticton on Lake Okanagan.

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In 1998, Canadian Pacific Hotels acquired Fairmont Hotels, an American company, becoming Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Inc ; the combined corporation operated the historic Canadian properties as well as the Fairmont's U S properties until merged with Raffles Hotels and Resorts and Swissotel in 2006.

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Canadian Pacific Airlines, called CP Air, operated from 1942 to 1987 and was the main competitor of Canadian government-owned Air Canada.

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Canadian Pacific Railway Limited is a Canadian railway transportation company that operates the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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