5 Facts About Mosul

1. The city of Mosul is home to the University of Mosul and its renowned Medical College, which together was one of the largest educational and research centers in Iraq and the Middle East.

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2. In the Treaty of Lausanne, the dispute over Mosul was left for future resolution by the League of Nations.

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3. Prior to 1638, the city of Mosul was considered to the Ottomans "still a mere fortress, important for its strategic position as an offensive platform for Ottoman campaigns into Iraq, as well as a defensive stronghold and guarding the approaches to Anatolia and to the Syrian coast.

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4. In the early 16th century, Mosul was under the Turkmen federation of the Ag Qoyunlu, but in 1508 it was conquered by the Safavid dynasty of Iran.

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5. In the early 10th century Mosul came under the control of the native Arab Hamdanid dynasty.

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