43 Facts About New Caledonia

1. New Caledonia is divided up into various regions and the weather forecasts for each region are broadcast on VHF Ch: 66 at a set number of minutes after the hour.

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2. New Caledonia is an associate member of the International Organisation of La Francophonie and has a non-voting seat on the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Committee.

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3. The Government of New Caledonia has a representative to New Zealand based out of the French Embassy in Wellington.

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4. New Caledonia has close ties with its neighbours, particularly Vanuatu where it has had a cooperation agreement since 2002.

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5. New Caledonia is a long-standing member of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, which has its headquarters in Noumea.

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6. In 2016, New Caledonia was granted full membership of the Pacific Islands Forum.

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7. New Caledonia is a French overseas territory with a significant amount of autonomy under the terms of the 1998 Noumea Accord.

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8. New Caledonia is a territory of France and forms its own biodiversity hotspot.

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9. New Caledonia was on the UN's Decolonisation List in 1986, and times are a changin' with a referendum on self-determination scheduled for the end of 2018.

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10. New Caledonia has a larger area of coral reefs than any other South Pacific territory.

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11. New Caledonia consists of a cigar-shaped mainland, the Isle of Pines, the Loyalty Group, and the small uninhabited dependencies of Walpole Island (125 hectares), the d'Entrecasteaux Reefs (64 hectares), and the more distant Chesterfield Islands (101 hectares).

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12. New Caledonia is expensive compared to Asian countries but, like everywhere else, cheap compared to Australia.

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13. New Caledonia has a semi-tropical climate, modified by southeast trade winds.

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14. New Caledonia offers beaches, mountaintop fondue in chalets, camping, hiking, amazing snorkelling and diving, and fabulous French food.

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15. New Caledonia was first settled by the agricultural and seafaring Lapita people who were there as far back as 1350 BC.

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16. New Caledonia has a power-sharing executive elected by the territory's Congress, which ensures that all parties on it are represented in proportion to their number of seats in Congress.

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17. New Caledonia was made a French Overseas Territory in 1946.

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18. New Caledonia is home to 13 of the 19 extant species of evergreens in the genus Araucaria.

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19. Climate of New Caledonia is tropical, modified by southeasterly trade winds.

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20. New Caledonia exported an estimated US$1.4 billion worth of products around the globe in 2016.

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21. New Caledonia is an overseas territory belonging to France located in the southwest Pacific Ocean much closer to Australia than France.

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22. The University of New Caledonia, founded in 1999, is located in Noumea.

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23. Under the Noumea Accord of 1998, New Caledonia has limited autonomy within the French legal system.

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24. New Caledonia lies in the subregion of Melanesia, just 2 hours east of Brisbane, south of the Equator, and west of Fiji and Vanuatu.

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25. New Caledonia is a true melting pot of cultures and experiences.

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26. New Caledonia is a French overseas territory in the Southwest Pacific located between Australia and Fiji.

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27. New Caledonia was a part of France from 1946 until the late 1990s, when the nation passed the Noumea Accord.

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28. New Caledonia enjoys freedom of speech and the press under French law.

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29. New Caledonia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire", the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanic activity occur.

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30. New Caledonia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanic activity occur.

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31. New Caledonia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire", the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanic activity occur.

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32. New Caledonia has a national synchronised swimming team, which tours abroad.

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33. New Caledonia has one of the largest economies in the South Pacific, with a GDP of US$9.89 billion in 2011.

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34. The University of New Caledonia consists of three academic departments, one institute of technology, one PhD school, and one teacher's college.

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35. Education in New Caledonia is based on the French curriculum and delivered by both French teachers and French–trained teachers.

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36. At the last census in 2014, New Caledonia had a population of 268,767.

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37. New Caledonia has many unique taxa, especially birds and plants.

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38. The last cyclone affecting New Caledonia was Cyclone Cook, in January 2017.

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39. New Caledonia is part of Zealandia, a fragment of the ancient Gondwana super-continent.

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40. New Caledonia is further divided into 33 municipalities: One commune, Poya, is divided between two provinces.

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41. In July 2010, New Caledonia adopted the Kanak flag, alongside the existing French tricolor, as dual official flags of the territory.

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42. At a national level, New Caledonia is represented in the French Parliament by two deputies and two senators.

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43. New Caledonia is a territory sui generis to which France has gradually transferred certain powers.

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