15 Facts About Nubia


Nubia is a region along the Nile river encompassing the area between the first cataract of the Nile and the confluence of the Blue and White Niles, or more strictly, Al Dabbah.

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Nubia was home to several empires, most prominently the Kingdom of Kush, which conquered Egypt in the eighth century BC during the reign of Piye and ruled the country as its 25th Dynasty .

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Nubia was reunited with the Khedivate of Egypt in the nineteenth century.

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Nubia was divided into three major regions: Upper, Middle, and Lower Nubia, in reference to their locations along the Nile.

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Lower Nubia was controlled by Egypt from 2000 to 1700 BC and Upper Nubia from 1700 to 1525 BC.

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In 2300 BC, Nubia was first mentioned in Old Kingdom Egyptian accounts of trade missions.

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Sesotris III relentlessly expanded his kingdom into Nubia and erected massive river forts including Buhen, Semna, Shalfak and Toshka at Uronarti to gain more control over the trade routes in Lower Nubia.

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The cultural Egyptianization of Nubia was at its highest levels at the times of both Kashta and Piye.

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Nubia revived one of the greatest features of the Old and Middle Kingdoms: pyramid construction.

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Nubia's army undertook successful military campaigns, as attested by the "list of conquered Asiatic principalities" from the Mut temple at Karnak and "conquered peoples and countries " from Sanam temple inscriptions.

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The Egyptianized culture of Nubia grew increasingly Africanized after the fall of the 25th Dynasty until Queen Amanishakhete acceded in 45 BC.

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Nubia's temporarily arrested the loss of Egyptian culture, but then it continued unchecked.

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Nubia writes that the kingdom of Alodia was converted around 569.

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Northern Nubia was brought under Egyptian control, while the south was controlled by the Kingdom of Sennar in the sixteenth century.

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Nubia was divided between Egypt and Sudan after colonialism ended and the Republic of Egypt was established in 1953, and the Republic of Sudan seceded from Egypt in 1956.

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