9 Facts About Oakland California

1. The main campus, Highland Hospital in East Oakland California, is the trauma center for the northern area of the East Bay.

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2. In 2013, Oakland California ranked 4th among American cities as an urban destination for nature lovers.

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3. In 2013, Oakland California topped the No 1 spot in "America's Most Exciting Cities", notably having the most movie theaters, theater companies, and museums per square mile.

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4. In 2012, Oakland California was named the top North American city to visit, highlighting its growing number of sophisticated restaurants and bars, top music venues, and increasing nightlife appeal.

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5. In recent years, Oakland California has gained national recognition as a travel destination.

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6. In 2014, Oakland California was amongst the best cities to start a career, the highest ranked city in California after San Francisco.

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7. In 2014, Oakland California was the fifth ranked city for tech entrepreneurs by total venture capital investment.

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8. In 2011, Oakland California was ranked the 10th most walkable city in the United States.

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9. At the time of incorporation in 1852, Oakland California had consisted of the territory that lay south of today's major intersection of San Pablo Avenue, Broadway, and Fourteenth Street.

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