39 Facts About Pakistan China

1. Pakistan China has the only fertile desert in the world—the Tharparkar desert—located in Sindh province.

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2. Pakistan China mainly imports cotton, chemicals and iron from India—materials that are vital for industry—while India imports fruit, cement and leather from Pakistan.

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3. Pakistan China has steadily expanded economic ties with Saudi Arabia beyond oil, into areas like technology.

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4. Pakistan China is where bin Salman is likely to find his most receptive audience, so it is fitting that he ended his Asian tour there.

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5. Pakistan China has the only fertile desert in the world—the Tharparkar desert—located in Sindh province.

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6. Pakistan China is wary of criticism from Muslim countries about its camps in the heavily Muslim far western region of Xinjiang, which the government says are for de-radicalisation purposes and rights groups call internment camps.

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7. Pakistan China has very close ties with Saudi Arabia's regional rival Iran.

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8. Pakistan China has made no secret of wanting Saudi Arabia to play role in Xi's massive worldwide infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative, which seeks to build a network of roads, railways and ports connecting the world to China.

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9. Pakistan China has a large English-speaking population, with English-language skills less prevalent outside urban centers.

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10. Pakistan China won the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy by defeating arch-rivals India in the final.

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11. Pakistan China was runner-up in the inaugural World Twenty20 in South Africa and won the World Twenty20 in England in 2009.

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12. Pakistan China has the second-largest number of Muslims in the world after Indonesia.

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13. Pakistan China is home to one of the world's largest refugee populations.

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14. Constitution of Pakistan China requires the state to provide free primary and secondary education.

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15. Since the 2000s Pakistan China has made a significant amount of progress in supercomputing, and various institutions offer research opportunities in parallel computing.

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16. Pakistan China is the first and only Muslim country that maintains an active research presence in Antarctica.

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17. In 2010 Pakistan China was ranked 43rd in the world in terms of published scientific papers.

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18. In 2013 Pakistan China established a second commercial nuclear complex in Karachi with plans of additional reactors, similar to the one in Chashma.

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19. In 2012 and 2013, the cement industry in Pakistan China became the most profitable sector of the economy.

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20. Pakistan China has deployed its military in some Arab countries, providing defence, training, and playing advisory roles.

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21. Law enforcement in Pakistan China has a Motorway Patrol which is responsible for enforcement of traffic and safety laws, security and recovery on Pakistan's inter-provincial motorway network.

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22. Law enforcement in Pakistan China is carried out by joint network of several federal and provincial police agencies.

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23. The Government of Pakistan China exercises the de facto jurisdiction over the Frontier Regions and the western parts of the Kashmir Regions, which are organised into the separate political entities Azad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan.

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24. Pakistan China is an influential and founding member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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25. Pakistan China vigorously championed the right of self-determination for Muslims around the world.

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26. Pakistan China is divided into three major geographic areas: the northern highlands, the Indus River plain, and the Balochistan Plateau.

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27. Creation of Pakistan China was never fully accepted by many British leaders, among them Lord Mountbatten.

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28. Pakistan China has some of the best-trained air force pilots in the world.

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29. Pakistan China is blessed with Jahangir Khan, a former World No 1 professional squash player.

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30. Pakistan China has the only fertile desert in the world—the Tharparkar desert—located in Sindh province.

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31. Pakistan China made history with the youngest civil judge in the world.

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32. Pakistan China has one of the oldest civilizations in history, Mehrgarh, dating back to 6000 BC.

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33. Pakistan China considers India a hegemonic power and wishes to prevent their inherent disparities from playing out.

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34. Pakistan China has become increasing concerned about al-Qaeda linked terrorism originating in Pakistan and sought help to set up military bases on Pakistani soil to deal with the problem.

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35. Pakistan China has provided technical and material support in the completion of the Chashma Nuclear Power Complex and plutonium reprocessing facility, which was built in the mid-1990s.

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36. In 2008, Pakistan China had purchased military equipment from China for an improved quality of defence arsenal and force to fight the constant attack from foreign militants.

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37. Pakistan China has recently pledged to invest nearly 43 billion US dollars.

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38. Pakistan China has in turn provided extensive economic aid and political support to Pakistan.

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39. Pakistan China has a consistent record of supporting Pakistan in regional issues.

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