23 Facts About Patiala


Patiala is a city in southeastern Punjab, northwestern India.

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Patiala is located around the Qila Mubarak constructed by the Sidhu Jat chieftain Ala Singh, who founded the royal dynasty of Patiala State in 1763, and after whom the city is named.

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So, 'Patiala' can be translated into English to mean 'the land of Ala'.

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The Patiala state saw more than forty years of a ceaseless power struggle with the Afghan Durrani Empire, Maratha Empire and the Sikh Empire of Lahore.

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In 1808, the Raja of Patiala entered into a treaty with the British against Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore in 1808, thus becoming collaborator in the grand empire building process by the British in, the sub-continent of India.

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Patiala became a 17-guns salute state during the British Raj.

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City of Patiala was designed and developed according to a plan akin to that of temple architecture, the first settlers of Patiala were the Hindus of Sirhind, who opened their business establishments outside the Darshani Gate.

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Patiala brought the 6-ft statue of Divine Mother Kali and Paawan Jyoti from Bengal to Patiala and offered the first Bali of a water buffalo to the temple.

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Patiala requested that the Guru might be pleased to visit and bless his village so that its inhabitants could be rid of a severe and mysterious sickness that had been their bane for a long time.

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Press Club Patiala is situated at Barandari Garden Near 20 No Railway Crossing.

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NIS is housed in the Old Moti Bagh palace of the erstwhile royal family of Patiala, which was purchased by the government of India after Indian Independence.

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Since Indian independence in 1947, Patiala has emerged as a major education centre in the state of Punjab.

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Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports, Patiala is a sports hub of north India.

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Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala was the first national law school of the north region established under the Punjab Government Act of 2006.

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Patiala is home to numerous inter-state sporting teams in tournaments like Black Elephants.

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Patiala was equally the set of religious and cultural life.

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Patiala was the first town in this part of the country to have a degree college – the Mohindra College – in 1870.

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Patiala has seen the evolution of a distinct style of architecture.

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Patiala is assisted by a number of officers belonging to Punjab Civil Service and other Punjab state services.

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Patiala is assisted by the officers of the Punjab Police Service and other Punjab Police officials.

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Patiala is assisted by the officers of the Punjab Forest Service and other Punjab Forest officials and Punjab Wild-Life officials.

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Patiala is well connected to Delhi by road as well as by rail.

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Patiala has a railway station under Ambala railway division and Patiala Airport, which is not operational.

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