10 Facts About Reebok Stadium

1. In 2005, Reebok Stadium signed an exclusive agreement to design and supply all eight team home and away strips for the new Australian A-League competition.

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2. In 2004, Reebok Stadium entered into a deal that allows them the rights to manufacture Canadian Football League onfield jerseys, sideline gear and footwear; this deal ended in 2015.

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3. In 2013, Reebok Stadium announced another fitness partnership with Les Mills, a group fitness and team training program in eighty countries in more than 15,000 studios.

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4. In 2010, Reebok Stadium announced a partnership with CrossFit, a fitness company and competitive fitness sport, including sponsoring the CrossFit Games, opening CrossFit studios, and introducing a line of co-branded footwear and apparel for Fall 2011.

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5. In 2003, Reebok Stadium became the official uniform and apparel provider for the Canadian Football League, which took effect in 2004.

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6. In 1986, Reebok Stadium switched its logo from the Union Jack flag it had since its founding, to the vector logo with an abstract Union Jack streak across a race track.

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7. In 1985, Reebok Stadium had its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RBK.

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8. In 1982, Reebok Stadium debuted the Reebok Stadium Freestyle aerobics shoe, the first athletic shoe designed for women.

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9. University of Bolton Reebok Stadium is a all-seater stadium with a capacity of almost 29,000 and was completed in 1997, replacing the club's old ground, Burnden Park.

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10. University of Bolton Reebok Stadium is the home stadium of English Championship club Bolton Wanderers, and is located on the Middlebrook Retail Park, Horwich in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, Greater Manchester.

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