15 Facts About Renesas


Renesas Electronics Corporation is a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, initially incorporated in 2002 as Renesas Technology, the consolidated entity of the semiconductor units of Hitachi and Mitsubishi excluding their dynamic random-access memory businesses, to which NEC Electronics merged in 2010, resulting in a minor change in the corporate name and logo to as it is.

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Renesas has presences in the markets of analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits, memory devices, and SoCs.

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Brand Renesas is a contraction of "Renaissance Semiconductor for Advanced Solutions".

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Renesas Electronics started operation in April 2010, through the integration of NEC Electronics, established in November 2002 as a spin-off of the semiconductor operations of NEC with the exception of the DRAM business, and Renesas Technology established on April 1,2003, the non-DRAM chip joint venture of Hitachi and Mitsubishi, with their ownership percentage of 55 and 45 in order.

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In 2011, Renesas Electronics was adversely affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and flooding in Thailand.

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In January 2013, Renesas transferred some of its back-end plants to J-Devices.

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In September 2018, Renesas announced that it has agreed to buy Integrated Device Technology for $6.

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In 2020, Renesas announced its plans to wind down its production of diodes and the compound device.

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In February 2021, Renesas announced that it has agreed to buy Dialog Semiconductor for $5.

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In December 2021, Renesas completed the acquisition of Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, innovative Wi-Fi solutions.

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In July 2022, Renesas completed the acquisition of Reality Analytics, Inc Adding additional resources for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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In September 2022, Renesas signed strategic partnership with VinFast from Vietnam to announce expanding agreement of automotive technology development of electric vehicles and delivery of system components.

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RX, an acronym for Renesas Xtreme, is the family name for a range of 32-bit microcontrollers developed by Renesas, as opposed to the H family and the MC family, launched by Hitachi and Mitsubishi respectively.

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RA, an acronym for Renesas Advanced, is the family name for a range of 32-bit microcontrollers with Arm Cortex processor cores.

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In May 2022 Renesas announced the re-opening of the "Kofu" Fab which will utilize the 300mm geometry for the fabrication of power semiconductors.

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