14 Facts About Rodeo


Rodeo is a competitive equestrian sport that arose out of the working practices of cattle herding in Spain and Mexico, expanding throughout the Americas and to other nations.

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Rodeo has provoked opposition from animal rights and some animal welfare advocates, who argue that various competitions constitute animal cruelty.

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Until recently, the most important was PRCA, which crowns the World Champions at the National Finals Rodeo, held since 1985 at Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring the top fifteen money-winners in seven events.

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La Federacion Mexicana de Rodeo was formed in 1992 as the leading organization of the sport in the country.

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The National Rodeo Championship, sanctioned by said organization and held consistently since 2000, has been held to crown the national champions in each of the seven standard events in American rodeo.

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Rodeo began to see regulation in the 17th century and talented riders received honors and awards.

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The Chilean Rodeo Federation has criticized the lack of governmental funding and has pointed out that rodeo reaches a part of the population that does not have access to other Chilean sports.

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The Australian Professional Rodeo Association was formed in 1944 and is the national governing body for professional rodeo competition.

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Rodeo is recognized today as the provincial sport of Bukidnon.

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Rodeo events have been held in the province of Masbate, known for its cattle industry; it was declared the "Rodeo Capital of the Philippines" in 2002 by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

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The province-wide festival Rodeo Masbateno was first organized in 1993, to promote Masbate's cattle industry and boost its tourism.

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Rodeo is a popular topic in country-western music, such as the 1991 Garth Brooks hit single "Rodeo", and has been featured in numerous movies, television programs and in literature.

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Rodeo is a ballet score written by Aaron Copland in 1942, and choreographer Agnes de Mille's ballet, Rodeo was commissioned by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in 1942 with the Copeland score.

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Rodeo has been featured in a significant number of films, and some focus specifically on the sport, including 8 Seconds, Cowboy Up, The Longest Ride, The Rider and The Cowboy Way.

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