49 Facts About Sadiq Khan

1. Sadiq Khan was the fifth of eight children born to Sunni Muslim parents who had arrived in Britain from Pakistan shortly before his birth.

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2. Sadiq Khan fought the ban, which a judge overturned before it was reinstated on appeal.

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3. In 2016, Sadiq Khan was elected with 56.8 percent of the vote, beating Conservative Zac Goldsmith.

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4. Sadiq Khan is a member of the Labour party and represented Tooting in the House of Commons from 2005 until his election as Mayor in 2016.

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5. Sadiq Khan is a practising Muslim who observes the fast during Ramadan and regularly attends Al-Muzzammil Mosque in Tooting.

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6. Sadiq Khan was threatened by the far-right group Britain First, which in 2016 threatened to take "direct action" against Khan where he "lives, works and prays" as part of an anti-Muslim campaign.

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7. Sadiq Khan was nominated for the Politician of the Year Award at the British Muslim Awards in January 2013 and 2015 and won the award in February 2016.

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8. Sadiq Khan ensured that his campaign was run entirely separate from Corbyn.

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9. Sadiq Khan distanced himself from Corbyn, rebuking Labour's socialist leader for his links to armed anti-Israel groups, and criticising him for not singing the national anthem at an event commemorating the Battle of Britain.

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10. Sadiq Khan openly condemned Islamic extremism and called on the Muslim community to take a leading role in combating it, although at the same time acknowledged the Islamophobia that many British Muslims faced.

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11. Sadiq Khan is regularly named among the Top 100 London politicians in the London Evening Standards annual poll of the 1,000 most influential Londoners and is an Ambassador for Mosaic Network, an initiative set up by Prince Charles.

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12. Sadiq Khan was elected to Parliament at the 2005 general election.

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13. Sadiq Khan was a vocal supporter of the unsuccessful Britain Stronger in Europe campaign to retain UK membership of the European Union.

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14. Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London at the 2016 mayoral election, succeeding Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson.

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15. Sadiq Khan was the Member of Parliament for Tooting from 2005 to 2016.

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16. Sadiq Khan criticised over 60 per cent rise in staff costs at City Hall since taking office.

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17. Sadiq Khan warns £30k salary cap on foreign workers would cause 'scary' shortages in London.

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18. Sadiq Khan says £30,000 salary cap for EU workers would cause 'scary' shortages.

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19. Sadiq Khan should spend money on "police not public servants" it was claimed today, after figures showed City Hall staffing costs have soared by £9 million under his watch.

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20. Sadiq Khan says solving London knife crime could take a decade.

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21. Sadiq Khan said that the success in Glasgow at stopping bloodshed showed that similar efforts in London would take time.

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22. Sadiq Khan has said it "pains me to my core" that many Jews no longer feel at home in Labour and expressed solidarity with MPs facing abuse, as he made his most powerful intervention yet on.

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23. Sadiq Khan is a practising Muslim, who observes the fast during Ramadan, and regularly attends Al-Muzzammil Mosque in Tooting.

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24. In January 2013 and 2015, Sadiq Khan was nominated for the Politician of the Year Award at the British Muslim Awards.

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25. Sadiq Khan criticised Great Britain's government in June 2017 for its lack of drive in improving general air quality.

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26. Sadiq Khan has called air pollution "the biggest public health emergency of a generation.

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27. Sadiq Khan launched a "No Nights Sleeping Rough" taskforce to tackle youth homelessness in London in October 2016.

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28. In August 2016, Sadiq Khan declared his support for Owen Smith's bid to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.

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29. Sadiq Khan vowed that if elected, he would freeze public transport fares in London for four years.

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30. In September 2015, Sadiq Khan was announced as the winning nominee.

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31. On 9 May 2016, Sadiq Khan resigned as an MP by his appointment to the ancient office of Crown Steward and Bailiff of The Three Chiltern Hundreds, a customary practice in the UK.

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32. In the vote, Sadiq Khan was returned for a third term as MP for Tooting, defeating his Conservative rival by 2,842 votes.

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33. In December 2015, Sadiq Khan voted against the Cameron government's plans to expand the bombing of targets in the Islamic State.

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34. In April 2010 it was revealed that Sadiq Khan had repaid falsely claimed expenses on two occasions, when literature was sent to his constituents.

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35. Sadiq Khan orchestrated Ed Miliband's successful campaign to become Labour leader, and was appointed to the senior roles of Shadow Lord Chancellor and Shadow Justice Secretary.

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36. In the subsequent Labour leadership election Sadiq Khan was an early backer of Ed Miliband, becoming his campaign manager.

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37. In March 2010, Sadiq Khan publicly stated that for a second successive year he would not be taking a pay rise as an MP or Minister, declaring "At a time when many people in Tooting and throughout the country are having to accept pay freezes I don't think it's appropriate for MPs to accept a pay rise.

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38. In this work, Sadiq Khan argued that the Labour Party had to reconnect with British Muslims, arguing that it had lost the trust of this community as a result of the Iraq War.

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39. In July 2008, Sadiq Khan helped push through a government proposal to permit the detention of those suspected of terror offenses for 42 days without charge.

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40. Sadiq Khan was one of the Labour MPs who led the successful opposition to Prime Minister Tony Blair's proposed introduction of 90 days' detention without charge for those suspected of terrorism offences.

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41. In the subsequent selection contest, Sadiq Khan defeated five other local candidates to become Labour's candidate for the seat.

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42. Sadiq Khan left the firm in 2004, after he became the prospective Labour candidate for the Tooting parliamentary constituency.

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43. Sadiq Khan became a partner in 1997, and like Christian, specialised in human rights law.

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44. From his earliest years, Sadiq Khan worked: "I was surrounded by my mum and dad working all the time, so as soon as I could get a job, I got a job.

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45. Sadiq Khan studied science and mathematics at A-level, in the hope of eventually becoming a dentist.

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46. Sadiq Khan was the fifth of eight children, all but one of whom were boys.

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47. Sadiq Khan was born on 8 October 1970 at St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London to a working-class Sunni Muslim family.

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48. Sadiq Khan won the largest number of votes in one election of any politician in British history.

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49. Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London at the May 2016 mayoral election, succeeding Conservative Party mayor Boris Johnson.

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