30 Facts About Saudi Crown Prince

1. Saudi Crown Prince said he would listen to their ideas, but only if they were focused on US national security.

2. Saudi Crown Prince said the CIA has not made a conclusive determination about whether the crown prince ordered it.

3. Saudi Crown Prince is silent on our most important interest—Justice.

4. Saudi Crown Prince had penned articles critical of the country's rulers.

5. Saudi Crown Prince will likely run into headwinds from Capitol Hill, as lawmakers of both parties issued excoriating responses to his statement.

6. Saudi Crown Prince's added that the US should consider sanctioning the crown prince, who is known by his initials MBS, and expel the Saudi ambassador to the US.

7. Saudi Crown Prince claimed ending deals with Saudi Arabia would devastate the US economy, and again wildly inflated the value of existing sales to the country.

8. Saudi Crown Prince cited deals he made last year with Saudi Arabia that have been widely discredited as inflated and, in some cases, nonexistent.

9. Saudi Crown Prince's definitely pushing the envelope on this one.

10. Saudi Crown Prince is the world's youngest defense minister and youngest crown prince in Saudi history.

11. Saudi Crown Prince's was at the time, one of the largest yachts in the world.

12. Saudi Crown Prince put down $300 million to buy his awe-inspiring house in 2015.

13. Saudi Crown Prince intends to curb the activities of Saudi Arabia's religious police by banning them from making random arrests.

14. Saudi Crown Prince added tax and VAT on luxury goods and sugary drinks.

15. Saudi Crown Prince seems to really want to find a way to move.

16. Saudi Crown Prince started as head of the Crown Prince's Court in 2013 after his father was appointed the crown prince.

17. Saudi Crown Prince has spent the past few years systematically eliminating his rivals and consolidating power.

18. Saudi Crown Prince has a dark side to his personality.

19. Saudi Crown Prince's provided a more open, public entertainment in the kingdom.

20. Saudi Crown Prince's allowed women to drive and given women additional rights.

21. Saudi Crown Prince's reduced the role of the religious police.

22. Saudi Crown Prince does want to change Saudi Arabia, a place that needs change, and he's accomplished some of those changes.

23. Saudi Crown Prince is said to be close to Al Arabiya TV director and Asharq Al-Awsat journalist Abdelrahman Al Rashid and to Othman Al Omeir, who launched and is the owner of the liberal e-newspaper Elaph.

24. Saudi Crown Prince was a prominent figure of the royal council, which allowed him to select which princes will be delegated which responsibilities of the Kingdom.

25. Saudi Crown Prince designated Mohammad bin Salman as the new crown prince.

26. Saudi Crown Prince headed the family council, called The Descendants' Council, that was established by King Fahd in 2000 to solve family matters, reach consensus and try to avoid any publicly embarrassing behaviour of some family members.

27. Saudi Crown Prince served as an important liaison to attract tourism, capital projects and foreign investment to his country.

28. Saudi Crown Prince comes from a new generation and does not feel the weight of history on his shoulders.

29. Saudi Crown Prince was greeted by Argentine foreign minister Jorge Faurie.

30. Saudi Crown Prince has won two Pulitzer Prizes, for his coverage of China and of the genocide in Darfur.