10 Facts About Scottish Government


The Scottish Government is accountable to the Scottish Parliament, which was created by the Scotland Act 1998 with the first minister appointed by the monarch following a proposal by the Parliament.

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The responsibilities of the Scottish Government Parliament fall over matters that are not reserved in law to the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

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Collectively the Scottish Ministers and the Civil Service staff that support the Scottish Government are formally referred to as the Scottish Administration.

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Scottish Government is led by the First Minister of Scotland and consists of additional Scottish Ministers and the law officers.

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Scottish Government is divided into 49 directorates which execute government policy in specified areas.

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Scottish Government is responsible for a large number of non-departmental public bodies.

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Scottish Government is responsible for some other public bodies that are not classed as non-departmental public bodies, such as NHS Boards, Visiting Committees for Scottish Penal Establishments or HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland.

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Headquarters building of the Scottish Government is St Andrew's House, which is located on Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

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Scottish Government has a European Union representative office, located at Rond-Point Robert Schuman in Brussels, Belgium, which forms a part of the United Kingdom Permanent Representation to the European Union.

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The Scottish Government maintains offices within the British Embassy in Washington, DC, as well as the British Embassy in Berlin and has accredited representatives within the British Embassy in Beijing.

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