8 Facts About Sigma Nu

1. On January 1, 1969, Sigma Nu reached its one-hundred-year milestone.

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2. At this time Sigma Nu was still using the Roman numeral designation for chapters.

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3. In October 2017, Sigma Nu suspended its chapter at Indiana University Bloomington for alcohol and hazing-related violations.

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4. In October 2016, Sigma Nu suspended its chapter at University of Nevada, Reno when a freshman pledge fell down the stairs and died after a night of excessive drinking in the fraternity house.

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5. In February 2016, Sigma Nu suspended its chapter at the University of North Georgia due to allegations of hazing and alcohol abuse.

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6. In 2015, Sigma Nu suspended its chapter at Old Dominion University pending an investigation after they placed banners with slogans like "Rowdy and Fun, Hope Your Baby Girl is Ready for a Good Time.

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7. In February 2014, Sigma Nu suspended all chapter events at University of North Carolina Wilmington after a fight broke out at a party they hosted.

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8. Since its founding, Sigma Nu has more than 279 active and inactive chapters and colonies across the United States and Canada and has initiated more than 227,000 members.

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