28 Facts About Siryn


Siryn takes the name Siryn, aids them in a vibranium theft, and battles the original Spider-Woman.

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Later in the evening, Siryn gets into a fist fight with Kitty after Amp convinces her that Kitty was trying to sabotage her chances with a young man named Dimitri.

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Siryn accompanies Wolverine and Kitty when they are asked by Professor Xavier to act as bodyguards for the mutant pop-star Dazzler.

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Siryn chooses to remain in the Fallen Angels for some time to help reform their criminal members.

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Siryn becomes a core member of X-Force, a paramilitary superhero team and for a time was its field leader.

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Deadpool and Siryn become involved when the two fight Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut.

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Over time, Siryn becomes the voice of reason and sanity in Deadpool's ear.

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Siryn becomes a vital part of the team, as opined by an aspect of Charles Xavier, which saves the entire team from a near-death experience.

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Siryn joins the Paris branch of X-Corporation, claiming to atone for her father's sins for his failed X-Corps idea, where she reunites with Multiple Man, Rictor and Cannonball.

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Siryn is later found and taken hostage by a mentally ill former mutant only to be rescued by Rictor.

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Siryn goes into a state of denial, holding on to how many X-Men have been believed dead have returned alive.

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Siryn later receives a call from Peepers, who is being pursued by Predator X, but Theresa arrives too late to help him and finds his remains.

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Siryn prays at Madrox's bedside when he awakes, and takes part in the X-Men's assault on the Marauders' base with Monet and Guido, fighting Exodus in the battle.

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Siryn reveals that she is pregnant with Jamie's child, and after talking with Monet reveals she intends to keep it.

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Siryn tries to tell him again, but Arcade appears and destroys Mutant Town.

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Siryn gets into an argument with Val upon finding out X-Factor has been under the employ of O*N*E since the destruction of Mutant Town.

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Siryn gives birth to a boy, and they name him Sean after her father, whose death she finally accepts.

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Siryn is rescued by Layla Miller and Shatterstar, and they teleport back to America and rejoin X-Factor in the final battle with the Mutant Response Division.

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Siryn then asks the now-married Madrox and Layla if they want to reform the team but, they decline saying that they have a farm to start up and a baby on the way.

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Siryn is a mutant who possesses sonic powers similar to those of her father, Banshee, although she is able to use her powers in ways that Banshee could not.

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Siryn possesses an enhanced sense of hearing and can use her voice to detect objects via echolocation.

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Siryn has shown a degree of resistance to sounds and vibrations that would be harmful or painful to normal humans and mutants without sonic-based powers.

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Siryn possesses psionic powers to create a force field that protects her against her own sonic vibrations, assists her ability to fly, and directs her sonic powers.

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Siryn is vulnerable to losing her power by overstraining and overusing her sonic screams or injury to her throat and vocal cords.

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Unlike her father, Siryn is able to influence and control other human beings with her sonics, and cause them to enter a hypnotic state.

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Siryn once used this ability on Spider-Man, forcing him to divulge the truth about the Decimation of the mutants.

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Siryn's known powers include the ability to teleport by her own free will or to people who summon her using the correct ritual, heal her followers and people with a personal bond to her, and some form of immortality or longevity.

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Siryn is able to revert Jamie to his human form and absorb laser blasts from a gun that can destroy Layla Miller's force field.

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