111 Facts About Professor Xavier


Professor Xavier is an exceptionally powerful telepath, who can read and control the minds of others.

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Professor Xavier strives to serve a greater good by promoting peaceful coexistence and equality between humans and mutants in a world where zealous anti-mutant bigotry is widespread.

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One of the world's most powerful mutant telepaths, Professor Xavier is a scientific genius and a leading authority in genetics.

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Professor Xavier has devised Cerebro and other equipment to enhance psionic powers and detect and track people with the mutant gene.

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Professor Xavier's goals are to promote the peaceful affirmation of mutant rights, to mediate the co-existence of mutants and humans, to protect mutants from violent humans, and to protect society from antagonistic mutants, including his old friend, Magneto.

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Professor Xavier's students consider him a visionary and often refer to their mission as "Professor Xavier's dream".

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Professor Xavier is highly regarded by others in the Marvel Universe, respected by various governments, and trusted by several other superhero teams, including the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

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Professor Xavier appears in almost all of the X-Men animated series and in many video games, although usually as a non-playable character.

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Professor Xavier later grows up to attend Pembroke College at the University of Oxford, where he earns a Professorship in Genetics and other science fields, and goes on to live first in Oxford and then London for a number of years.

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Brian, his father, dies in an accident when Professor Xavier is still very young, and Brian's science partner Kurt Marko comforts and then marries the grieving Sharon.

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Professor Xavier receives an M D in Psychiatry while spending several years in London.

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Professor Xavier is later appointed Adjunct Professor at Columbia University.

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Professor Xavier carves himself a niche as a soldier in search and rescue missions alongside Shadowcat's father, Carmen Pryde, and witnesses Cain's transformation into Juggernaut when he touches a ruby with an inscription on it in an underground temple.

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Professor Xavier later discovers that Moira married her old boyfriend Joseph MacTaggert, who abuses her.

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Deeply depressed when Moira broke off their engagement without explanation, Professor Xavier began traveling around the world as an adventurer after leaving the army.

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Professor Xavier uses his mental powers to break her out of her catatonia and the two fall in love.

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Professor Xavier and Magneto become good friends, although neither immediately reveals to the other that he is a mutant.

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Professor Xavier discusses his candidates for recruitment to his personal strike force, the X-Men, with Moira, including those he passes over, which are Kurt Wagner, Piotr Rasputin, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, and Ororo Munroe.

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Professor Xavier founded Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, which provides a safe haven for mutants and teaches them to master their abilities.

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At one point, Professor Xavier seemingly dies during the X-Men's battle with the sub-human Grotesk, but it is later revealed that Professor Xavier arranged for a reformed former villain named Changeling to impersonate him while he went into hiding to plan a defense against an invasion by the extraterrestrial Z'Nox, imparting a portion of his telepathic abilities to the Changeling to complete the disguise.

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Professor Xavier implores the professor to stop her mad brother, Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken, and he instantly aids her by deploying his X-Men.

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Professor Xavier would have lost against the greater power of the Dark Phoenix, but thanks to the help Jean Grey gives him, Professor Xavier emerges victorious; she later commits suicide in order to prevent herself from endangering more innocent lives.

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Lilandra, who has a psychic bond with Professor Xavier, feels that he is in great danger and heads to Earth.

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Professor Xavier serves as a member of the Starjammers aboard the starship Starjammer, mobile in the Shi'ar Galaxy.

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Professor Xavier becomes consort to the Princess-Majestrix Lilandra while in exile, and when she later resumes her throne he takes up residence with her in the Imperial palace on the Shi'ar homeworld.

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Professor Xavier joins Lilandra in her cause to overthrow her sister Deathbird, taking on the powers of Phoenix temporarily wherein he is named Bald Phoenix by Corsair, but sees that he must return to help the X-Men.

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Professor Xavier eventually becomes imprisoned by the Skrulls during their attempted invasion of the Shi'ar Empire.

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Professor Xavier X is for a time the unknowing host of the evil psionic entity Onslaught, the result of a previous battle with Magneto.

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Professor Xavier is left without his telepathy and, overcome with guilt, leaves the X-Men and is incarcerated for his actions.

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Professor Xavier reaches out to his stepbrother and offers him a place in his mansion, with Cain reluctantly accepting.

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Professor Xavier finds out that Cain's father preferred him to his own flesh and blood and that they both thought they deserved the abuse they incurred by Kurt; Cain believed this because his father loved someone else's child more than him, and Charles felt guilty about getting in the way.

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Now outed as a mutant, Professor Xavier makes speeches to the public about mutant tolerance.

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Danger flees, but not before revealing to Colossus that Professor Xavier has known it to be sentient ever since he upgraded it.

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Professor Xavier seeks to confront Vulcan before he can enact his vengeance against the Shi'ar empire, which killed Vulcan's mother.

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Professor Xavier had no part in the Hulk exile decision, but Professor Xavier admits to Hulk that he would have concurred to a temporary exile so Bruce Banner could be cured of transforming into the Hulk.

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Professor Xavier asks Cyclops to send out a team to find out about the mutant.

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Cyclops then tells Professor Xavier that he is a distraction that will keep getting in the way and that he must leave the mansion.

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Professor Xavier is contacted by Cable, who lost the mutant newborn to the traitorous actions of Bishop, who in turn lost the child to the Marauders, and tells him that he is the only one who can help Cable save the future.

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Exodus nearly kills Magneto, and Professor Xavier drags Exodus onto the Astral Plane, putting Professor Xavier's own newly restored mind at stake.

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Professor Xavier makes the connection Milbury and X-Men villain, Mister Sinister, who has apparently long been manipulating Charles' life in addition to other X-Men.

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Professor Xavier explains to Cyclops about the recent events with Mr Sinister and tries to explain to Cyclops how Sinister has been manipulating Scott's and Jean's lives since when they were children.

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Confused by Xavier's gift Cain attempts to kill the Professor bringing an entire sports bar down over their heads in the process.

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Just as everything appears to be under the Juggernaut's control Professor Xavier reappears and informs him that everything that has just taken place except for Juggernaut destroying the bar took place in Cain's mind.

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Professor Xavier then informs him that he now understands Cain as a person and that he will not attempt to get in his way or reform him again.

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Logan revealed that the real reason Professor Xavier asked him to join the X-Men was that Charles "needed a weapon".

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Just as Daken appears to have won Professor Xavier pulls both of them onto the astral plane revealing that the psychic bomb had little effect on him because his psyche was already shattered.

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Professor Xavier then explains to Wolverine and Daken that Romulus is solely responsible for Itsu's death and that he lied to Daken about everything because he wanted Wolverine to become his weapon.

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Professor Xavier has not seen again during the events of Secret Invasion, though his X-Men in San Francisco are successful at repelling the invaders there through the use of the modified Legacy Virus.

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However, this Professor Xavier was revealed to be Mystique who Osborn found to impersonate Professor Xavier in public.

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The real Professor Xavier is shown in prison on Alcatraz and slowly being stripped of his telepathic powers while in psionic contact with Beast, who was arrested earlier for his part in the anti-mutant riots.

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Professor Xavier quickly tells her to remain in her diamond armor state to prevent the Void from gaining access to her psi-powers.

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Professor Xavier X is later seen with Emma Frost where Beast is recuperating.

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Professor Xavier had wanted to return to the mainland in order to clear his name, but in the aftermath of Osborn declaring Utopia as a mutant detention area, Cyclops refused to let him leave, stating that it would be a tactical advantage to have him as an ace in the hole in case the need arose.

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Professor Xavier is seen using his powers to help his son Legion control his many personalities and battle the Nimrods.

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Professor Xavier's body is later stolen by the Red Skull's S-Men while the group captures Rogue and Scarlet Witch.

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Professor Xavier's brain is removed and fused to the brain of the Red Skull.

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Professor Xavier's plans are foiled by the Avengers and the X-Men, and the Skull escapes.

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Professor Xavier agrees and does so yet unbeknownst to her X was possessed by the Shadow King who violently erupts from X's head.

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Now clad in a Cerebro-like helmet, Xavier has apparently abandoned his dream for peaceful coexistence, and had turned Krakoa into a sovereign nation state for mutants as well as use it to apparently heal the X-Men from their ordeals during the showdown against the forces of O N E He then leads the X-Men into planting in seeds in strategic locations around the world and Mars, which, overnight, grow into massive plantlike "Habitats".

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Also through this combination of technology and mutant power, Professor Xavier have developed three drugs that could change human life – a pill that extends human life by five years, an adaptable universal antibiotic, and a pill that cures "diseases of the mind, in humans".

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Professor Xavier and Magneto reveal the contents of the USB drive to Cyclops, which are shown to be information on Orchis, an organization dedicated to responding to a large-scale mutant threat and the plans of a Mother Mold.

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Professor Xavier is revealed to have upgraded Cerebro with the help of Forge, which is able to copy and store the minds of mutants in a database.

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Magneto and Professor Xavier reveal that they have invited all mutants, even those who have fought against them in the past, to Krakoa, to form a society.

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The assembled villainous mutants agree to their terms, and Professor Xavier shakes Apocalypse's hand, welcoming him and the others to their home.

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Professor Xavier X is a mutant who possesses vast telepathic powers, and is among the strongest and most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe.

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Professor Xavier is able to perceive the thoughts of others or project his own thoughts within a radius of approximately 250 miles.

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Professor Xavier can learn foreign languages by reading the language centers of the brain of someone adept, and alternately "teach" languages to others in the same manner.

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Professor Xavier once trained a new group of mutants mentally, subjectively making them experience months of training together, while only hours passed in the real world.

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Professor Xavier is one of the few telepaths skilled enough to communicate with animals and even share their perceptions.

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Professor Xavier has displayed telepathic prowess sufficient to confront Ego the Living Planet as well as narrowly defeat Exodus.

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Professor Xavier is able to project from his mind 'bolts' composed of psychic energy, enabling him to stun the mind of another person into unconsciousness, inflict mental trauma, or even cause death.

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The Professor Xavier, using the moniker X, fashioned a Cerebro like a helmet which acts as a focusing device for his psionic powers and used it to galvanize latent aspects of his X-Gene in order to stimulate some dormant properties, seemingly using telekinesis to will a flash drive on Mystique's person into his hand.

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Professor Xavier is a world-renowned geneticist, a leading expert in mutation, possesses considerable knowledge of various life sciences, and is the inventor of Cerebro.

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Professor Xavier is highly talented in devising equipment for utilizing and enhancing psionic powers.

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Professor Xavier is a great tactician and strategist, effectively evaluating situations and devising swift responses.

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Charles Professor Xavier compiled a list of the Earth's most powerful mutants and plans on how to defeat them if they become a threat to the world.

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Professor Xavier X is Carlos Javier in the miniseries Marvel 1602, set at the end of the Elizabethan Era in an alternative universe.

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Professor Xavier hid them away and would only send them out on mercy missions to retrieve other witchbreed who were in danger.

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Professor Xavier sent Angel and Scotius down to silence the cannons, while he ordered Roberto to deflect cannonballs, which he himself would try to steer off course via the cannoneer's minds.

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Professor Xavier was the only character aware of the nature of the Amalgam Comics universe.

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Professor Xavier was combined with Martian Manhunter to create Mr X, leader of the JLX.

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Professor Xavier tries to get her attention by wearing wigs, throwing a dance for both orphanages, and trying to alter her memory.

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Professor Xavier, while living, sought out Magneto when the latter was attempting to halt the oppression of mutantkind, declaring war on humans.

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Professor Xavier saved Magneto's life from a sniper attack and joined him, hoping to influence Magneto's actions into benevolence.

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Professor Xavier was disabled during the mutant takeover of Genosha and slowly grew more distant from Magneto as the latter's actions grew more bloodthirsty.

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Ultimately, when the United States sent a team onto Genosha to assassinate Magneto, Professor Xavier found himself trying to appeal to a furious Bucky Barnes, who stabbed Professor Xavier through the chest.

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The good in Professor Xavier was corrupted, and he left the team to explore his powers further.

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Professor Xavier fired a blast at Juggernaut, but it missed and killed Magneto's lover Moira MacTaggert, instead.

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Professor Xavier left the X-Men for good then, and traveled the world seeking out telepaths, whom he captured and incarcerated around the globe.

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Professor Xavier joined forces with Sinister in a bid to transfer all the mental energy of all the world's telepaths into himself.

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Professor Xavier met up with The Six in New York, "fleeing" from Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen.

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However, when Professor Xavier made several attempts to abduct Scotty, Havok was alerted to the truth by Jean Grey and Magneto, and realized who the true villain was.

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Professor Xavier was knocked out of his armor and fled the scene, but not before unleashing a blast at Havok that hit Brute when he jumped in front of it to save Alex.

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Professor Xavier was later summoned by Dr Strange to help fight the Beyonder by adding his psychic power to others to help Havok reach a higher plane of reality.

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Professor Xavier moved the White House from Washington to Westchester, New York, letting the capital fall to waste and corruption.

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Professor Xavier never formed the X-Men, with only Warren Worthington working for him as a secret serviceman.

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Professor Xavier was known to frequently visit and verbally abuse them "leaving them all sobbing and throwing up".

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In one instance, Professor Xavier finds that Iceman has told a girl several secrets about the X-Men and is forced to erase the conversation from their minds.

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Professor Xavier generally believes that reading minds without permission is unacceptable, or so he leads his students to believe.

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Professor Xavier reformed the X-Men upon return as the Headmaster of the Professor Xavier Institute.

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When Professor Xavier tested Banshee, he was given powers that mimicked Wolverine's, including claws, enhanced senses, and a healing factor.

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When Wolverine discovered that he was the source of the drug and that Professor Xavier was responsible for its initial creation, Wolverine attacked Muir Island.

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Professor Xavier admits to creating the drug but denies that he is responsible for its continued creation and use.

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Professor Xavier recently returned, revealed as Rogue's benefactor, secretly sending her on an undercover mission and stating that he does not want his former students to know about his plan.

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In X-Men Noir, Charles Professor Xavier is a psychiatrist who ran the "Professor Xavier School for Exceptionally Wayward Youth", in Westchester where he took in juvenile delinquents, but instead of reforming them, he actually further trained them in criminal talents, due to his belief that sociopathy was in fact the next state in human behavioral evolution.

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Professor Xavier is currently in Riker's Island, awaiting charges after the truth about his reform school were made public.

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Professor Xavier had been framed by Chief of Detectives Eric Magnus for the murder of one of his own students: Warren.

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An alternative of Earth-616's Professor X is shown, there was seemingly little to distinguish Charles Xavier until the day he was kidnapped by the forces of the Savior, who removed his head from his body, placed in a life-giving "jar", and placed it with the heads of all the other alternative Xaviers put through the same procedure and made to scan the multiverse for the next mutants to be kidnapped.

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Professor Xavier X has appeared on a number of animated television shows including the X-Men animated series voiced by Cedric Smith, X-Men: Evolution voiced by David Kaye, and in Wolverine and the X-Men voiced by Jim Ward.

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Professor Xavier has appeared in twelve live-action 20th Century Fox X-Men feature films to date.

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Professor Xavier is played by Patrick Stewart in X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, Logan, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and by James McAvoy in X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix.

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