90 Facts About Moira MacTaggert


Dr Moira MacTaggert, more recently known as Moira X, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Moira MacTaggert works as a geneticist and is an expert in mutant affairs.

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Moira MacTaggert is most commonly in association with the X-Men and has been a member of the Muir Island X-Men team and Excalibur.

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Moira MacTaggert was one of the major supporting characters in Claremont's Uncanny X-Men run.

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Moira MacTaggert worked as a geneticist and was an expert in mutant affairs.

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Moira MacTaggert was romantically involved with Professor X Moira MacTaggert would eventually found a foundation center on Muir Island centered on mutant research.

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Moira MacTaggert was one of the feature characters in the 2011 two-issue limited series Chaos War: X-Men.

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Moira MacTaggert is one of the main characters in House of X and Powers of X, written by Jonathan Hickman.

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Moira MacTaggert was the longest running human associate of the X-Men and was Professor Charles Xavier's colleague, confidante, and once his fiancee, having met and fallen in love with him while they were postgraduates at Oxford University.

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Moira MacTaggert ended their engagement for unknown reasons and returned to Scotland.

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Moira MacTaggert kept her son's existence a secret, and when Joe refused her a divorce, she allowed people to believe she was widowed.

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Moira MacTaggert eventually created a Mutant Research Centre on Muir Island, off the coast of Scotland.

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Moira MacTaggert was forced to contain and imprison her son Kevin, later called Proteus, when he developed reality warping abilities and severe psychosis.

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The silent partner in the founding of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and co-creator of Cerebro, Moira MacTaggert assisted Xavier in helping the young Jean Grey recover after the traumatic triggering of her mutant abilities.

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Moira MacTaggert was a kind woman who took to helping humans and mutants alike.

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Moira MacTaggert rescued a young Rahne Sinclair from an angry mob, and adopted the girl.

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Moira MacTaggert even attempted to treat Xavier's son, a mutant known as Legion who suffered from dissociative identity disorder.

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Moira MacTaggert taught him literature and the customs of the time and introduced him to Xavier.

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Moira MacTaggert appeared at Xavier's call to act as "housekeeper" for the team while they were on missions.

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Moira MacTaggert talked a discouraged Xavier into opening his school to the next generation of New Mutants, with Rahne becoming an initial member.

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Moira MacTaggert was an integral part of the support for the X-Men and the New Mutants, providing medical aid including cloning Xavier after the Brood attacks, transferring his mind into a new body and restoring his ability to walk after a Brood embryo nearly killed him.

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Moira MacTaggert's behavior became unpredictable, her temper impressive, and her decisions harsh and unforgiving as she displayed behavior that made all who knew her suspicious.

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Back on Earth, Moira MacTaggert was unable to accept her betrayal of her surrogate family and her own infallibility, and fled the X-Mansion, with Banshee in pursuit.

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Moira MacTaggert had been attacked by agents of Mister Sinister who was seeking the genetic information on her son.

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Moira MacTaggert became an official member of the group, acting as their medic, team mother, and morale officer.

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Moira MacTaggert convinced the team to stay behind when Onslaught emerged, telling them they might be needed if other heroes fell.

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Moira MacTaggert soon found herself a willing assistant to her foster mother's work.

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Moira MacTaggert takes time off from her research to attend the bachelorette party and the wedding for her friends Meggan and Brian Braddock.

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Moira MacTaggert did eventually find a cure for the disease, when the terrorist Mystique manipulated her research to force the virus to target only humans.

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Moira MacTaggert clung to life long enough to mentally transfer the information to Xavier in one final embrace between the former lovers.

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Moira MacTaggert appeared to have died in the X-Men's jet, far above the Atlantic Ocean, and was later buried in Scotland.

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Moira MacTaggert is next seen in the afterlife, in which she, Mockingbird, Gwen Stacy, and Dead Girl assist Doctor Strange in battling a being known as the Pitiful One.

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Moira MacTaggert finds herself more interested in the book club she formed with Mockingbird and Gwen Stacy then in battling evil.

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In 2019's House of X, it is revealed that Moira MacTaggert is actually a mutant with the power of reincarnation, starting her life again in the womb after each death, possessing full memories of her prior lives.

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Moira MacTaggert is revealed to be alive, having replaced herself with a Shi'ar golem that went on to die at the hands of the Brotherhood.

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Life 1Moira MacTaggert Kinross was born to powerful Scots nobleman Lord Kinross and when she turned 13, her mutant ability manifested, but due to her passive power, there were no signs indicating that she had become a mutant other than a strong, temporary fever.

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Moira MacTaggert later marries a man named Kenneth Cowan and has three children: twin boys Callum and Dean, and a girl named Abigail.

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Kenneth dies when Moira MacTaggert is 68 years old, and she passes away from congestive heart failure at age 74.

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Life 2Her second life begins in utero, having already become fully sentient and possessing a perfect recollection of her prior life which allowed Moira MacTaggert to appear intellectually gifted, and she was pushed in the direction of academia.

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Moira MacTaggert didn't fight her parents' intentions, since she intended to understand her true nature.

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Moira MacTaggert enrolls at Oxford at age 16, becomes a biology professor at 20, founds the Muir Research Institute at 31, and at 44 she finally deduced she was a mutant after seeing Charles Xavier coming out as one on television.

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Life 3Moira MacTaggert made a point of finding Xavier earlier in her third life.

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Moira MacTaggert meets Charles Xavier when they were both at Oxford University, and the two of them became the world's foremost experts in genetic mutation.

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Moira MacTaggert began comparing mutation to cancer, and so, decided to invent a cure.

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Moira MacTaggert intended for it to be voluntarily administered, but the very idea offends the Brotherhood of Mutants.

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Destiny orders Moira MacTaggert to stop wasting her gift by working against her own kind, and instead help prevent a seemingly inevitable future where mankind's machines wipe out the mutant race.

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Destiny reveals that if Moira MacTaggert dies before her powers manifest at 13, she won't reincarnate.

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Moira MacTaggert meets Xavier and goes on to fall in love with and marry him, with the couple establishing the Xavier School for Gifted Children.

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Not wasting any time, Moira MacTaggert opens her mind to Xavier so he can see how his dream fails in her past lives.

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Yet, Bolivar Trask's adaptive-learning Sentinels still make their way there, and Moira MacTaggert is initially injured in an attack when she was 43 and dies a year later during a genocide.

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Life 6In her sixth life Moira MacTaggert discovers the true threat to mutants are neither the Sentinels or humanity but, ironically, time itself.

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Life 7With the knowledge that the Trask family is responsible for creating the Sentinels and learning how that technology will be used to overtake mutantkind, Moira MacTaggert spends her seventh life eradicating the Trask bloodline.

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Moira MacTaggert finally understood that mutantkind's fall is the "Inevitable Truth:" Artificial Intelligence will always seek to eradicate mutants and its creation cannot be stopped because AI is self-emergent—it is discovered, not created, by humanity.

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Moira MacTaggert is imprisoned and later killed in a failed prison escape.

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Life 9Though eventually a failure, the life-defining decision Moira MacTaggert made to turn to Magneto did validate her radical approach to beat humanity through force—Magneto was simply not enough.

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Moira MacTaggert noted her worries for Charles Xavier, as while he kept being unacceptably hopeful and idealistic, he was becoming too dependent on her interpretation of past-life events, and she fears that she might have fractured Xavier's psyche by allowing him to read her mind, which eventually leads to the creation of Onslaught when Charles uses his telepathic powers to shut down Erik's mind completely.

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Moira MacTaggert reveals that she reluctantly allowed Xavier to read her mind over and over again, and laments, given her knowledge of Sinister's treachery in her previous lives, that without her knowledge or consent, Xavier and Magneto tried to recruit him nevertheless, realizing in the process that Sinister has turned himself into a chimera mutant decades ahead of schedule compared to the other timelines, that chimera being the mutant clone of himself infused with Thunderbird's DNA.

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Moira MacTaggert then replaced herself with the decoy at some point, allowing her to continue working from the shadows with Xavier.

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Moira MacTaggert has since taken residence in "No-Place", a blackout zone within the newly sovereign, living island nation of Krakoa with Xavier and Magneto, the only people aware of her being alive and her actual role in this grand plan.

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Moira MacTaggert has become apparently very paranoid in her isolation, as she is deeply afraid of the notion of Destiny being revived to placate Mystique, or of any precognitive mutant in general because she fears what would happen if the other mutants discovered that they really are doomed.

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Charles and Erik track Moira MacTaggert back to a secret Orchis site where they see bodies and a door where Moira MacTaggert's signature was coming from but turns out it was a trap laid out by Destiny and Mystique.

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However, if they let Moira MacTaggert go, they'll maintain their places on the Quiet Council and have a chance to keep guiding mutantkind.

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Moira MacTaggert finds herself coughing up blood and fortunately, since she made some connections in her days, she was able to get an appointment with Dr Jane Foster.

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The prognosis is bad, as Moira MacTaggert has suddenly developed cancer which already spread to Stage IV, and the only cure she can find is Krakoan medicine, as if there was not a major waiting list for it.

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Moira MacTaggert calls to Dr Jane Foster again and finds out that the cancer she has in her lungs is being spread by a Krakoan floronic agent, suggesting that the living island Krakoa is directly responsible for her cancer.

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Moira MacTaggert destroys the phone, severing Jane's connection to the woman she just saved and any possible answers she might get about why Krakoa is hunting her down.

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Enraged, Moira MacTaggert stops holding back, she cuts off her own techno-organic arm and lures Mystique into a trap and kills her by detonating a bomb in her room.

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Moira MacTaggert soon discovers that a bizarre Phalanx-looking Wolverine is hunting her.

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Moira MacTaggert wants his assistance to find a way to permanently cheat death and ultimately live forever and gets a new cyborg arm in the process.

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Logan came to the present to stop Moira MacTaggert from succeed in her mission, becoming an Omega Sentinel combined with the Phalanx.

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Moira MacTaggert headed to Krakoa but because she's no longer a mutant, she does something heinous and absolutely ruthless.

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Xavier tries to talk to Moira MacTaggert, implying that since Cerebro cannot copy the entirety of Moira MacTaggert's psyche if she dies now there is no way of retaining the memories of her past lives, this allows Forge to get the drop on her, but not before she fires a shot from the same neutralizer gun that took her powers away.

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Moira MacTaggert then tries to escape by kidnapping Destiny but Omega Wolverine shows up at the last minute before she could pass through a gateway and fatally stabbed her.

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Moira MacTaggert however is able to shot Omega Wolverine with the neutralizer gun, which takes away his healing factor and allows the techno-organic virus to take over his body.

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Crawlling her way out of her own grave, with a new Omega-Sentinel-like cybernetic body, Moira MacTaggert declares that she's more than a body now and is rather "an intelligence", becoming the precursor to the deadly Human-Machine Supremacy from many of her futures.

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Moira MacTaggert is later able to access Orchis internal relays to offer her services to Feilong and Dr Stasis.

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Moira MacTaggert creates a partnership with Druig of Thanos' Eternals group and begins to set in place a series of events that she hope will lead to humanity turning against the mutants and Krakoa being destroyed before they can gain supremacy over the planet, which is Moira MacTaggert's greatest fear.

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Moira MacTaggert fully reveals herself to Mary Jane, showing she has shed the last vestiges of her humanity and is fully an android, with only the mind of a living being.

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What's actually happening is that Moira MacTaggert has finally revealed herself to her son, who is one of the Five, in the hopes of getting him to betray the X-men.

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Moira MacTaggert later meets with none other than Druig of the Eternals, and reveals the names of the Five to the exact people who want to make mutants extinct.

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Decades, Dr Moira MacTaggert was depicted as a baseline human with the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

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However, in the 2019 storyline, "House of X", Moira MacTaggert was revealed to actually be a mutant with the ability to reincarnate herself upon death, reverting to the moment of her initial conception with all the memories she experienced in her previous lifetimes from as early as in utero.

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Moira MacTaggert's lifetimes have armed her with significant experience, including expertise in the fields of anthropology and genetics, firearms mastery, and leading various mutant survival movements until their eventual downfall.

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Moira MacTaggert can be depowered by the use of artificial means which will end her reincarnation cycle too if she dies while depowered.

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Moira MacTaggert's x-gene possesses a natural defense mechanism that makes her invisible to other mutants and mutant sensors and detectors, providing the ultimate camouflage which will see her as a baseline human.

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Furthermore, this natural defense prevents her x-gene from being properly cloned, so every clone of Moira MacTaggert is a mere human.

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When he attacks the team, Moira MacTaggert shot him, exposing him to the metal that was his deadly allergy and only weakness, forcing him to find a new body.

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Moira MacTaggert's codename is Hypernova and her powers are energy blasts.

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Later, the X-Men learn that Moira MacTaggert has been funding her hospital by producing and selling "Banshee", a lethal and addictive Mutant Growth Hormone which amplifies mutant powers, made from the genetic material of Wolverine.

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Moira MacTaggert's ensuing conversation with him implies that she is in league with Quicksilver.

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