144 Facts About Jean Grey


Jean Elaine Grey is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Jean Grey is a member of a subspecies of humans known as mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities.

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Jean Grey's is a caring, nurturing figure, but she has to deal with being an Omega-level mutant and the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force.

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Jean Grey experienced a transformation into the Phoenix in the X-Men storyline "The Dark Phoenix Saga".

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Jean Grey's has faced death numerous times in the history of the series.

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Jean Grey's is an important figure in the lives of other Marvel Universe characters, mostly the X-Men, including her husband Cyclops, her mentor and father figure Charles Xavier, her unrequited love interest Wolverine, her best friend and sister-like figure Storm, and her genetic children Rachel Summers, Cable, Stryfe and X-Man.

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Under the authorship of Chris Claremont and the artwork of first Dave Cockrum and then John Byrne in the late 1970s, Jean Grey underwent a significant transformation from the X-Men's weakest member, to its most powerful.

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Storyline in which Jean Grey died as Marvel Girl and was reborn as Phoenix has been retroactively dubbed by fans "The Phoenix Saga", and the storyline of her eventual corruption and death as Dark Phoenix has been termed "The Dark Phoenix Saga".

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However, the creative and editorial team ultimately agreed that Phoenix had been depicted as an inherent and inseparable aspect of Jean Grey, meaning that the character was fully responsible for her actions as Phoenix.

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Jean Grey eventually shared his storyline idea with fellow writer Roger Stern who mentioned it to Byrne, who was both writing and illustrating the Fantastic Four at the time.

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Jean Grey's revival became a crossover plotline between the Avengers under Stern, Fantastic Four under Byrne, and X-Factor under Layton.

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The decision to revive Jean Grey was controversial among fans, with some appreciating the return of the character and others feeling it weakened the impact of the Dark Phoenix Saga's ending.

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Claremont later commented on how Jean Grey's revival affected his original plans for Madelyne Pryor, stating that the relationship between the two women was intended to be entirely coincidental.

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Jean Grey intended Madelyne only to look like Jean by complete coincidence and exist as a means for Cyclops to move on with his life and be written out of the X-Men franchise, part of what he believed to be a natural progression for any member of the team.

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Jean Grey was next featured in the six-issue miniseries X-Men Forever written by Fabian Nicieza, which was designed to tie up remaining plot lines.

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Jean Grey made minor appearances in other titles during the New X-Men run, such as Chris Claremont's X-Treme X-Men, occasionally lending support to the characters.

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Marvel loosely tied questions regarding Jean Grey's eventual return to the events in 2007's X-Men: Messiah Complex in which a mutant girl named Hope—who has red hair, green eyes, and immense mutant powers—is born, and 2010's X-Men: Second Coming which sees both Hope's return as a teenager and the return of the Phoenix Force.

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Jean Elaine Grey was born the second daughter of John and Elaine Grey.

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John Jean Grey was a professor at Bard College in upstate New York.

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Jean Grey's begins a relationship with teammate Cyclops, which persists as her main romantic relationship, though she develops a mutual secret attraction to a later addition to the team, Wolverine.

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Dying, but determined to save Cyclops and her friends, Jean Grey calls out for help and is answered by the cosmic entity, the Phoenix Force.

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The Phoenix Force, as Jean Grey, emerges in a new costume and adopts the new codename "Phoenix", with immense cosmic powers.

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However, Jean Grey's personality manages to take control and Phoenix commits suicide to ensure the universe's safety.

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Jean Grey's is reunited with the original X-Men and convinces them to form the new superhero team X-Factor, reusing her "Marvel Girl" codename.

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Cyclops returns to X-Factor and he and Jean Grey continue their relationship, but the Phoenix Force's impersonation, and his marrying Madelyne, damaged their mutual trust.

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Jean Grey manages to survive only by absorbing the remnant of the Phoenix Force housed within Madelyne, giving her both Madelyne's memories and the Phoenix's memories from "The Dark Phoenix Saga".

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Unsure of herself since returning to life, Jean Grey finds possessing the Phoenix Force and Madelyne's memories to be difficult.

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Cyclops proposes to her and she meets her alternate future daughter Rachel Summers, but Jean Grey rejects them both out of the feeling that they indicate that her life is predetermined.

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Jean Grey had learned during the Inferno event that her rejecting the Phoenix Force caused Madelyne to wake; Cyclops admits to Susan Storm Richards that Jean Grey sometimes wishes that the Fantastic Four had not found her, and that he does not know how to communicate with her.

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Jean Grey adopts the identity of "Redd" along with Cyclops and they raise Nathan Christopher for twelve years before they are sent back into their bodies on their wedding honeymoon.

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Jean Grey learns that a time-displaced Rachel had used her powers to transport them to the future to protect Nathan, and per Rachel's request, Jean Grey adopts the codename "Phoenix" to establish it as a symbol of good after all the bad it had caused.

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Jean Grey first sees Onslaught as a psionic image with the rest of the X-Men after Onslaught coerces Gateway to kidnap Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Iceman.

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Jean Grey later appears to her again in a similar way after rescuing her and Gambit from Bastion and offers her a chance to join him.

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Onslaught makes his first full appearance to Jean Grey on the astral plane and shows her how humanity is closing in on mutants as well as revealing that Xavier was in love with her while she was a student to convince her to join him.

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When Juggernaut comes to the mansion with information about Onslaughts true identity but has a mental block preventing him from divulging it, Jean Grey enters his mind and helps him to remember who Onslaught really is and to her horror she discovers that Onslaught is really Professor X, having gone insane ever since wiping Magneto's mind.

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Professor Xavier calls the X-Men together for a meeting and Jean Grey tries unsuccessfully to rally the X-Men against him before he manifests Onslaught.

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Jean Grey accompanies Cyclops, Archangel, and Psylocke to Muir Island where they and Moira McTaggert discover the Xavier Protocols, secret plans that Xavier made to kill any of the individual X-Men should anyone become a threat against the world.

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Jean Grey's later learns that she is an "Omega-level" mutant with unlimited potential.

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Jean Grey is resurrected in this future timeline and becomes the fully realized White Phoenix of the Crown, using the abilities of the Phoenix Force to defeat Sublime and eliminate the dystopic future by reaching back in time and telling Cyclops to move on.

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Jean Grey tries to convince the Phoenix Force to let her go so they can return to the White Hot Room together, but the Phoenix Force takes over.

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Jean Grey lets Wolverine find her and tries to convince him to kill her again before the Phoenix does more damage.

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Jean Grey takes Wolverine to the North Pole before the Shi'ar can kill her and convinces him to kill her.

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Jean Grey's again appears in a vision to Cyclops when he is overwhelmed by the power of Dark Phoenix, helping him abandon the power so that it can pass on to its true host.

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Jean Grey's spirit begins to manifest in a more straightforward and aggressive manner to the time-displaced Jean Grey from an alternate timeline, seemingly training her for the arrival of the Phoenix.

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However, after the younger Jean Grey begins to ignore her, she possesses the time displaced Jean Grey and uses her as a means to ambush Emma Frost.

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Old Man Logan is able to make Jean Grey remember her true life and she learns about the fate of her family and several of her friends, among them Cyclops.

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Alive , Jean Grey is reunited with her friends as the Phoenix Force journeys back to space.

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Jean Grey's is sent as part of a strike team to outer space to stop a satellite near the sun from being used as a Sentinel factory.

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Sentinels crush Jean Grey's escape pod and she dies, but is resurrected into a cloned body.

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Jean Grey's is a member of the Quiet Council, Krakoa's provisional government.

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Jean Grey is an Omega-level mutant, and at her highest and strongest potential was fully merged with the Phoenix Force and with it was able to defeat even Galactus.

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Jean Grey is a powerful empath, as she can feel and manipulate emotions of other people, as shown when her power first emerged as she felt her friend Annie Richardson slowly dying.

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Jean Grey can connect people's minds to the feelings of others and make them feel the pain they inflicted.

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When her powers first manifested, Jean Grey was unable to cope with her telepathic abilities, forcing Professor Charles Xavier to suppress her access to it altogether.

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Jean Grey is one of the few telepaths skilled enough to communicate with animals .

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Jean Grey was able, through telepathic therapy with the comatose Jessica Jones, to grant Jessica immunity to the Purple Man's mind control abilities, despite his powers being chemical in nature rather than psychic.

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When Jean Grey absorbed Psylocke's specialized telepathic powers, her own telepathy was increased to the point that she could physically manifest her telepathy as a psionic firebird whose claws could inflict both physical and mental damage.

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Jean Grey's briefly developed a psychic shadow form like Psylocke's, with a gold Phoenix emblem over her eye instead of the Crimson Dawn mark possessed by Psylocke.

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Jean Grey briefly lost her telekinesis to Psylocke during this exchange, but her telekinetic abilities later came back in full and at a far stronger level than before.

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Jean Grey possesses a high-level of telekinetic ability that enables her to psionically levitate and rapidly move about all manner of animate and inanimate matter.

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Jean Grey was later stated to have become an Omega Level Telekinetic.

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Jean Grey's showed skill in constructing multiple types of psionic weapons that differ in size, length and power which she uses in combat.

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Jean Grey's is later described as the only one currently able to hold the title of "White Phoenix of the Crown" among the many past, present, and future hosts of the Phoenix.

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In one instance Jean Grey forcibly ripped the Phoenix out of Emma Frost and imposed its status upon herself.

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Young Jean Grey was able to keep her psyche anchored in the Phoenix's mind postmortem despite the Phoenix's own efforts to forcibly remove her after it murdered her.

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One reason or another, Jean Grey has, on more than one occasion, been repeatedly resurrected by either the Phoenix or apparently her sheer force of will.

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Jean Grey is a trained pilot and proficient unarmed combatant.

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Jean Grey's has some degree of teaching ability, experience as a fashion model, and training in psychology.

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Jean Grey's has battled some of the most notorious villains in Marvel Comics while fearlessly leading her own team of heroes.

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Jean Grey's showed readers that even heroes can fall into the clutches of darkness and rise above.

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Jean Grey's has been a student and a teacher as well as the tether between good and evil.

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That's not to say Jean Grey hasn't accumulated fans over the preceding years; she absolutely has.

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The complicated, fiercely compassionate Jean Grey has not always translated well to other mediums, and even in comics Jean has been known to experience long dormant periods in which her persona is secondary to other characters.

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One of the original X-Men, Jean Grey has become the symbol of death and rebirth among the mutant population.

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Jean Grey sacrificed herself, choosing to die as a human than live as a God.

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Jean Grey's started out in the early days like everyone else, eventually adopting the Marvel Girl suit and persona.

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Jean Grey's was involved in a love triangle between herself, Cyclops and Wolverine, which drove a lot of emotional storylines.

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Jean Grey is forced to experience the final thoughts of her dying friend and is traumatized as a result.

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Jean Grey's has a habit of reading people's minds without their permission, to the great frustration of her team.

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Jean Grey's mentions having broken up with Hank McCoy, considering him to be more of a brother.

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Jean Grey ends up approached by Magneto, who offers her and her team to join him in preserving Xavier's dream by defeating those who oppose it.

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Jean Grey accepts and her team joins him, but in secret they train themselves in case Magneto ever reverts to his villainous roots to kill them.

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Jean Grey's goes to the rest of the X-Men to warn them about her vision but as there haven't been any Phoenix sightings since the X-Men went to war against the Avengers to decide the fate of the Phoenix, she has a hard time getting Beast, Captain Marvel, and Kitty Pryde to accept that her vision was real even though they assure her that if the Phoenix ever does return then the X-Men and Avengers will come together and do all they can to stop it.

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Jean Grey feels even less taken seriously when Beast begins examining her for signs of delusional hallucinations.

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Jean Grey then meets with other former Phoenix hosts Colossus, Magik, Rachel Summers, Hope Summers and Quentin Quire, where the latter uses his powers to show her how the aftereffects of bonding with the Phoenix Force has individually affected each of them.

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The Watcher commends Jean Grey and tells her that choosing to not change her future means that her ultimate fate is in her own hands whether or not she ends up hosting the Phoenix Force back in her present.

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Teen Jean Grey eventually managed to push the cosmic force far away from her friends and allies, where a final battle can take place.

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However, after dying, the younger Jean Grey found herself somehow in the White Hot Room despite not being a Phoenix host.

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Jean Grey realized that she could control the White Hot Room against the Phoenix wishes and commanded the cosmic entity to resurrect her, which it did so in order to get rid of her.

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Besides Javier and Nicholas Fury, the only one who knows of Jean Grey's deception is Scotius Summerisle, who is attracted to her.

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Jean Grey's is forced to suppress her telepathic powers in order to escape from the Shadow King's attacks.

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Jean Grey's eventually falls in love with fellow student, Weapon X Jean is later kidnapped by Mr Sinister, who offers her a place among his team.

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Weapon X, and Jean Grey leave the X-Men and join forces with the Human High Council.

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Jean Grey's learns of a plan to drop nuclear bombs on the United States to kill Apocalypse.

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Jean Grey's confronts Weapon X, then leaves him to try to stop the attack with the aid of Cyclops.

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Jean Grey's was "resurrected" by Sinister and began displaying Phoenix Force powers, known in this reality as "Mutant Alpha" abilities.

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Jean Grey doesn't remember her old life at first, so Sinister manipulated her to create a new team to fight the X-Men, the Sinister Six.

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In recent history, Jean Grey had lost her telepathic abilities— the circumstances behind her loss of this ability are as yet unrevealed.

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Either prior to, or shortly after the disbanding of the X-Men, Jean Grey would leave Cyclops after a long relationship to pursue a romance with Wolverine.

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When Wolverine would refuse to help the heroes defend New York from the Skull and his army, Jean Grey would leave Wolverine in disgust, telling him that she was really Madelyne Pryor to rankle Wolverine even more.

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Some time later during a mission, Jean Grey was believed dead and later on Havok married her lookalike, Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey's clone.

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In reality, Jean Grey was saved by Apocalypse and Magneto, and hidden from Professor X who was capturing all the telepaths in the world for his evil plans.

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When she re-surfaced, Jean Grey was working together with Sinister and Apocalypse to recruit the aid of Havok's new team, the Six, against an evil Xavier.

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That crisis having passed, Jean Grey joined the Six, as Madelyne had been turned into the Goblin Queen and was no longer with them.

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Jean Grey mentioned having been in a relationship with Wolverine, and having worked with SHIELD for a while, though it was unclear where exactly these events fit in with her history and whether Jean Grey had access to the Phoenix Force.

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Jean Grey's was part of the JLX until the Dark Firebird Saga where she joined the Hellfire League of Injustice.

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Jean Grey then set out to become not only queen of Britain but of the entire world.

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Jean Grey's lured many of them to her kingdom, though most of them died after having been used by her for a while.

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Queen Jean traveled to the main 616 universe where she replaced Nate Grey's companion, Madelyne Pryor, wormed her way into Nate's mind, and returned to her world with him as her weapon.

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Jean Grey eventually kills her by creating a sun around her, burning her to death.

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New Excalibur battles an evil counterpart of the Jean Grey, who is a member of the Shadow-X, the X-Men of an alternative reality in which Professor X was possessed by the Shadow King.

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Jean Grey's has a brief affair with Wolverine, but when Wolverine reveals how he was originally sent to kill Professor X, Jean is angry and ends the relationship.

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Jean Grey's later begins to date Cyclops although she is occasionally frustrated by his shyness.

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Exact nature of the Phoenix in the Ultimate Universe has not been revealed, but very often Jean Grey is haunted by visions and hallucinations of the Phoenix early in the Ultimate timeline.

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Jean Grey kills many members of the Hellfire club in a fit of Phoenix powered rage before Xavier calms her down.

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Jean Grey's starts with her powers out of her control due to her anger, accidentally killing two mercenaries who were attacking the X-Men.

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Jean Grey's feels guilty over the incident for weeks, but after a while, she manifests signs of the Phoenix, beginning to draw upon more and more of the residual Phoenix energies buried within her mind to help the X-Men on several occasions, combating Magneto and the deceptive and manipulative Magician.

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Jean Grey's did not join Bishop's new team of X-Men, but has assisted the team when needed, often butting heads with Cyclops over when to help and when not to help.

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Jean Grey has the power to control mutants and brings former X-Men Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Rogue, and Toad to NYC for a giant survival battle royal.

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Jean Grey is broken free of the bubble when Professor X, able to walk, uses his telepathy to free her and the other reserve X-Men, leaving her to subdue the other team of X-Men and the Morlocks.

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Jean Grey's hesitantly calls for help when Apocalypse puts Xavier on the brink of death and the Phoenix Force responds, physically manifesting herself and merging with Jean to fight Apocalypse.

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Jean Grey leads her X-Men to deal with Colossus but falls into a trance, having visions of her father, who tells her not to push her friends to failure.

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Jean Grey's recovers Northstar, crippled from the waist down, and less aggressive.

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Jean Grey reminds him he's in need, provoking him into attacking her.

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Jean Grey is then assassinated by Quicksilver, who lodges a bullet into his skull.

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Jean Grey is later seen in Ultimate X-Men Requiem alongside Rogue and Iceman tearing down the Xavier Institute and everything on the estate.

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Jean Grey's begins working at a shopping mall called Cherry Square Shopping Center, and is in a relationship with the mall cop, Dave.

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Jean Grey's has been living in Baltimore for 3 or 4 months but uses her telepathy to make people believe she had worked there for 3 years.

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Jean Grey discovers that Dave has put her photo on Facebook, making her angry and culminating in separation.

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Meanwhile, at home, packing up to disappear, Jean Grey meets the son of Wolverine, Jimmy, for the first time.

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Jean Grey is later seen travelling with Jimmy to Chicago to recruit a mutant known as Derek Morgan, then to south California to locate Liz Allan.

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Jean Grey had sought Bruce Banner for help and a fight ensues.

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Nicholas Fury reveals that the team Jean Grey made was part of the Xavior Protocols, and that he is willing to help mutants on the run from the government.

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Nick Fury reveals that Jean Grey is using her telekinetic powers to make the brothers believe she is in Tian in order to have an "inside man" when she is really in America.

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In X-Men Noir, Jean Grey is depicted as the grifter for the X-Men, a group of sociopathic teenagers recruited by Professor Charles Xavier.

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Jean Grey's is seemingly found murdered, covered in slash marks, in the opening of the series.

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Jean Grey's is revealed to be a complete sociopath, who does what she does not because of any past trauma, but because that's just what she is.

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Jean Grey's then dies when she is tackled off the roof of a building by Robert Halloway.

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In Chris Claremont's X-Men Forever, Jean Grey is in nearly all respects the same character as the mainline Marvel Universe character.

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Jean Grey's has, recently, been acknowledged as the field leader of the team during Cyclops' leave of absence.

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Jean Grey continues to demonstrate signs of the Phoenix Force and wears a new blue and gold X-Men uniform which is cut in a similar style to her old Phoenix costume.

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Jean Grey's is destroyed in a clash with the original five X-Men, including her younger self.

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When Raze – the future son of Wolverine and Mystique, now trapped in the present, attempted to force the X-Men to accept his new 'status quo' by teleporting all humans off Earth and summoning other mutants from worlds where they were being oppressed, one of the mutants he summoned to be a member of his new Brotherhood was a Jean Grey who was still in her 'Dark Phoenix' state, barely under the control of her world's Mastermind.

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Jean Grey appears in various media, such as animated programs, video games, films, and is sometimes referenced in pop culture.

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