21 Facts About Steve McManaman

1. Steve McManaman made his debut for the club in December 1989, scoring his first goal in 1991.

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2. Steve McManaman would go on to become English football's most successful export.

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3. Steve McManaman made a grand total of four appearances under Hoddle, and only one appearance at the 1998 FIFA World Cup against Colombia, as a substitute for Paul Scholes.

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4. Steve McManaman is a former English football player.

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5. Steve McManaman married his longtime girlfriend, Victoria Edwards, a barrister and law lecturer, on 6 June 2002, in Mallorca's Palma Cathedral.

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6. Together with Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman has invested in several racehorses through a company named The Macca and Growler Partnership, their most prolific horse being Seebald, winner of 2003 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Celebration Chase.

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7. In late November 2010 and in May 2011, Steve McManaman was the halftime in-studio analyst alongside Gary Lineker and Trevor Francis for La Liga's El Clasico broadcast on Al Jazeera Sports +3.

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8. In January 2009, Steve McManaman gave a press interview where he stated his intention to go into management.

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9. Steve McManaman spent a month in 2018 travelling around Europe, the USA and Asia, promoting the competition.

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10. In 2018, Steve McManaman was officially named a La Liga ambassador.

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11. Steve McManaman was active in promoting the film with star Anna Friel at its premiere.

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12. Steve McManaman retired from his playing career after being released by Manchester City in 2005.

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13. Steve McManaman made a total of four appearances under Hoddle, and only one appearance at the 1998 World Cup against Colombia, as a substitute for Paul Scholes.

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14. In 2004, Steve McManaman was linked to the MetroStars, who confirmed that the club were interested in him.

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15. Steve McManaman was listed in Spanish-based British sports reporter Sid Lowe's Real Madrid Team of the Decade for the 2000s.

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16. Steve McManaman told the media after one such game where he became victim of the "boo boys", saying, "That's understandable, when I came off the other day I knew the reaction there was going to be.

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17. Steve McManaman argued that his contract was unenforceable and an unlawful restraint of trade.

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18. Steve McManaman responded by joining The Times to write a weekly column, becoming the first footballer of his generation to do so.

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19. Steve McManaman was said to have been one of only a handful of so-called "talismanic" players along with Eric Cantona and Gianfranco Zola in the league at the time believed to have the charisma to lift supporters from their seats each time they got the ball.

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20. Steve McManaman was credited for making the free role that manager Evans gave him work, with the result being that Liverpool were playing some of the most aesthetically pleasing attacking football at the time in England.

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21. Steve McManaman signed as a 16-year-old apprentice upon leaving school in 1988.

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