18 Facts About Stranger Things


Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers, who serve as showrunners and are executive producers along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

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One of Netflix's flagship series, Stranger Things has attracted record viewership on the streaming platform.

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Stranger Things is set in the fictional rural town of Hawkins, Indiana, during the 1980s.

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Stranger Things was created by Matt and Ross Duffer, known professionally as the Duffer Brothers, who serve as showrunners and head writers, as well as direct many of the episodes.

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Stranger Things came about as it sounded similar to another King novel, Needful Things, though Matt noted they still had a "lot of heated arguments" over this final title.

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Idea of Stranger Things started with how the brothers felt they could take the concept of the 2013 film Prisoners, detailing the moral struggles a father goes through when his daughter is kidnapped, and expand it out over eight or so hours in a serialized television approach.

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The Duffer Brothers had been interested in Harbour before, who until Stranger Things primarily had smaller roles as villainous characters, and they felt that he had been "waiting too long for this opportunity" to play a lead, while Harbour himself was thrilled by the script and the chance to play "a broken, flawed, anti-hero character".

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Fourth season of Stranger Things was expected to consist of eight episodes, with the first episode titled "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club".

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Stranger Things was ranked third-best TV show of the year by The Guardian and Empire.

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Stranger Things gained a dedicated fan base soon after its release.

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Kessler contended that the Duffer brothers used his ideas to devise the premise for Stranger Things and sought a third of the income that they had made from the series.

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Stranger Things has received numerous awards and nominations across the entertainment industry, including ten Primetime Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations through the second season.

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Unlike previous aftershows created by Embassy Row, such as Talking Dead and Talking Bad, Beyond Stranger Things is intended to be watched after a screening of the entire second season.

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The Dark Horse FCBD 2019 General comic contained a Stranger Things story entitled The Game Master set a few days after the events of the first season.

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Second Stranger Things title is another four-part miniseries, written again by Jody Houser with interior art by Edgar Salazar, titled Stranger Things: Six.

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Stranger Things has since released a teaser showing the Christmas-lights-on-a-wall scenes.

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Lego introduced a Stranger Things set called "The Upside Down", based on a version of the Byers' home and its replica in the Upside Down, in May 2019.

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Sesame Street created a young audience-appropriate spoof of Stranger Things, called Sharing Things, released in November 2017; it featured Cookie Monster as the "Cookiegorgon", Grover as Lucas, Ernie as Dustin, and included several nods to the narrative of the second season.

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