14 Facts About The Beatles

1. The Beatles planned to start their own utopian community on Greek islands.

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2. The Beatles are one of the most successful bands in history.

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3. The Beatles were a British rock band, one of the most notorious in history.

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4. The Beatles demanded they cease work at Twickenham and relocate to the newly finished Apple Studio.

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5. The Beatles became the first Beatle to discuss LSD publicly, declaring in a magazine interview that "it opened my eyes" and "made me a better, more honest, more tolerant member of society".

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6. The Beatles eventually negotiated a one-month-early release from their contract in exchange for one last recording session in Hamburg.

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7. The Beatles recorded together for a little over seven years.

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8. The Beatles had modest demands when they toured the US in 1965.

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9. The Beatles had a white album, this is their white CD—as meaningful.

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10. The Beatles were like aliens dropped into the United States of 1964".

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11. The Beatles are regarded as British cultural icons, with young adults from abroad naming the band among a group of people that they most associated with UK culture.

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12. The Beatles continued to absorb influences long after their initial success, often finding new musical and lyrical avenues by listening to their contemporaries, including Bob Dylan, the Who, Frank Zappa, the Lovin' Spoonful, the Byrds and the Beach Boys, whose 1966 album Pet Sounds amazed and inspired McCartney.

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13. The Beatles built their reputation playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg over a three-year period from 1960, with Stuart Sutcliffe initially serving as bass player.

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14. The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960.

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