5 Facts About The Bill

1. In 2009 an episode of The Bill won the Knights of Illumination Award for Lighting Design—Drama.

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2. In 2009, The Daily Mirror reported that The Bill was to be moved to a post-watershed slot to allow it to cover grittier storylines.

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3. In 2008, a special programme called "The Bill Made Me Famous" in light of the show's 25th anniversary was broadcast, which saw former actors and special guest stars telling their accounts of working on the show and how it changed their lives.

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4. The last was The Bill Uncovered: On The Front Line, in which Superintendent Adam Okaro recounts the extraordinary events that have surrounded Sun Hill over his time in charge.

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5. In 2009 The Bill began broadcasting in HD and as part of a major revamp, was reduced to broadcasting once a week.

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