13 Facts About Tilda Johnson


Tilda Johnson, introduced as the Queen of the Werewolves and known as Dr Nightshade, Deadly Nightshade, or simply Nightshade, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Tilda Johnson was born into poverty in New York City.

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Tilda Johnson's helps develop a serum to transform men into women which she uses on Captain America and Paladin.

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Tilda Johnson's was involved in a scheme with Dredmund Druid, though as a double agent for Superia.

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Tilda Johnson's used a serum to transform Captain America and the ordinary people of Starkesboro, Massachusetts into pseudo-werewolves.

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Tilda Johnson's had "used up all [her] second chances" and could not afford to turn MODOK down.

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Tilda Johnson's developed a friendship with her teammates Armadillo and Puma, and showed this strongly when backing up Puma in saving the Living Laser's life .

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Tilda Johnson reveals that she became the new Nighthawk, after the former was killed by Hydra soldiers.

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Tilda Johnson is an extraordinary genius, and extensively self-taught in genetics, biochemistry, cybernetics, robotics and physics.

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Tilda Johnson's obtained a doctoral degree from an undisclosed university while in prison.

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Tilda Johnson's has created an array of advanced weaponry, and has built numbers of humanoid robots.

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Tilda Johnson's created a chemical serum to transform normal humans into werewolves under her control and has used concentrated pheromones to control men through her allure.

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Tilda Johnson wielded Excalibre but his sword was shattered by the Black Knight.

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